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Congrats on the release, an excellent mini-adventure! I was most impressed by the art, it perfectly hits the nostalgia itch combined with humor and many many references. The premise of things going wrong worked very well and I chuckled every time the game said "not so fast". Had this been submitted to a game jam, it would definitely score very high. It's astounding everything was done just by yourself (+chat) and this quickly, please keep going!

Nicely done, confirmed new build runs cool & quiet out of the box.

Fantastic, congrats team.

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Loved the game! I do have one complaint though, the game was 100% my laptop GPU (GTX 960M) as it started up running at 350+ FPS by default, I had to apply a 60 FPS Frame Limit in the NVIDIA driver to play without all the fan noise. Please consider adding a frame limiter or forced V-Sync to avoid this.

Wow, an absolute gem. Big congrats! Secret ending was perfect 👍

THAT was amazing. WOW.

Very cool, love the humor, excellent execution - congrats!

Hey, yes you can pass profile file name on command line as well as auto-enable full-screen, please check the README on GitHub page.

Thanks, I'm considering adding a black-bars mode which will retain aspect ratio of the original.

For saving shader parameters if you File -> Save profile they should also be saved.

Thanks very much! Yes shaders are compiled-in so that the app is small and fast. Having just finished with Enclosure 3-D, I am planning to refresh the shader library from RetroArch in the near future and perhaps add some external/hand-made ones. A generic palette-quantization shader with swappable LUTs at runtime would sure be nice.

Thanks very much! Yes the github link is

Thank you, I'd love for that to happen but it'll need community support, there is *much* work involved.

Approved! Thanks very much!

Awesome, thanks very much - and enjoy!

Sierra-style AGI adventure game by Femo Duo Entertainment remastered in true 3D using a new voxel engine.

Includes game updates and a new soundtrack by original authors.

Experience arctic horror like never before. If you ever played old Sierra games, you'll love this one!

Full game, free to play, cross-platform.


Great! Pretty interesting stuff you got there...

Hey, thanks, in OBS try "Game Capture" source with "Capture specific window", that should work with Glass mode. Otherwise you'll need to use Clone mode in ShaderGlass.

Many thanks for the kind words, enjoy the app!

Hey, this is only possible on Windows 11 (it's out of my control on Windows 10 unfortunately).

Hey, thanks for the kind words, yes I'd love to include various crt-royale and HSM shaders but they are much more complex and ShaderGlass is not capable of running them correctly (yet!); they are on my list however. In general for supporting external .slangp shaders I'm not planning the ability to load them on the fly,  all shaders are compiled-in for ShaderGlass to stay small and fast (you'll need to recompile ShaderGlass to add your own shaders, something possible already).

Are you on Windows 10 version 1909 or earlier? If so, you cannot use "glass mode" but you should be able to use "clone mode". Go to Input -> Window and choose your game window.

Hey, unfortunately you need Windows 10 (ideally 2004, minimum 1903), those are the earliest versions where the tech ShaderGlass uses is available.

Hey, thanks! Yes in Glass mode you should be able to "click-through" the ShaderGlass window into any game, keyboard or mouse.

Thanks for reporting this, would you mind opening an issue for the crashes on GitHub so that we can discuss it in more detail there, please? For exclusive fullscreen apps (borderless fullscreen should work with the Fullscreen toggle) indeed the app won't work well, Reshade is a better option for those.

Thanks for the feedback! Shaders in ShaderGlass are already in RetroArch (it's where they came from) so you should be able to use them there directly, but you can also start ShaderGlass and RetroArch side-by-side if you prefer. Any closer integration is not on the cards at the moment.

Thanks man, you should be able to play CC6 games with ShaderGlass window applying the effect without problem. But if you'd like to add the effect to a CC6 game itself then it's not something ShaderGlass can do, it's a completely different function. It'd require CC6 to import a custom post-processing effect shader which I'm not sure it is able to do.

Thanks mate, please help to share the word so more people can enjoy it, that's what ShaderGlass needs the most! And if anyone deserves a donation it's the RetroArch community who developed all the shaders, I just wrapped them up!

Hey, thanks for the feedback! Please try 0.6 beta just released, you can both export a screenshot and also pause/unpause using a keyboard shortcut.