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This game actually emerged on a question I asked in honor of my returning to game production. The game takes a lot of inspiration from the game Gradius. Your goal in the game is actually kill every enemy you encounter.


Years ago, everyone was after a ship. The person who acquires this ship will provide the greatest war in space. Some villains who want to steal the ship are power-mad teams like the fire passage, the dead sea, the valley of the stars, and the gradius mafia. Of course, there will be those who want to try this ship, and these will be in good teams such as pixel, waterpower, volcano defense and Spacia, and you are in full hell, which seems outside of the Spacia event.

In order to get out of this hell, you found Andromeda and you have to destroy all your enemies, protect both your homeland and space, but I have to say that this is harder than you think.

Good luck. - Your mother.




So have you tried Stripe?


I will sell games for the first time in my life, but there are some issues that confuse me. In my country I have Paypal off, Payoneer and Stripe. So what can I do to sell?

Good game.

Game is very hard.

Good game bro.

Good idea and fun game.

Good game.

I like game.

If only the game supported the numeric keys on the keyboard.

You're welcome.

Good idea.

<span <thank="" you="" for="" giving="" arkanoid="" a="" different="" flavor.<="" span="">

Thank you for giving Arkanoid a different flavor.

You're welcome!

I liked this game very much, my teacher, and for the first time in a long time, I played the game comfortably without complaining.


You have to make a menu for your game. Other than that, I had a lot of fun in the game.

Is there any other form of the main character in this game?

Your game has been very good.

No comments.

UFO type is less in the game but this game has that type. Master, this game is beautiful.

The game was good.

Oyuna Türkçe gelirse ciddi anlamda oturup, bu oyunu bitirebilirim.


As a contra-lover, I liked the actress very much.


Oyununuzu çok sevdim hocam, son kısımda takıldım.

I loved your game, I hope your game is recognized.

I loved your game and got it on video, I hope you like the video.


Since your game is disabled friendly, I thank you.

Ruya game was inspired by the word "Rüya" used in Turkish.

I played the game for only 11 minutes, but it still tastes in my mouth. It has been a very successful art work.

Please continue the game develop.

Hello, new video.

I love playing this game very much, but since I couldn't make videos properly...