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Hey I'm not sure how to get in touch with you - but I was wondering if you had a pack of fire animations. Like for a torch, campfire, forest fire, etc. Thanks very much, love your work!

Hey all!

We just published a demo for Causeway and are looking for feedback on it!

Here's the project link:

It's a road building puzzle game, but we've also included a creative mode where you can build your own little

cities with roads as well.


Left click: Build

Right click: Erase

Q and E: Rotate Buildings and Ramps

Spacebar: Raise the road before building

1: Regular road

2: Ramps

X: Destroy everything!

Sorry, no save system yet.

Hope you enjoy it and looking forward to your feedback!



oh man, that's a great idea... have to add that next week. also going to try adding sound trigger by music. :O

sorry about that! we have a fix for it now, hopefully up soon! and a huge amount of other updates too :)

Yes, here is the Mac build, latest version. But we have an update coming soon too :)

there are a bunch of models that are used as a base that are included, and you can load your own models to do crazy things with. Thanks!

Hey all!

I finally released the tool. You can use it to create all sorts of different visuals and load your own models, images and music.

It's currently the PC version but the Mac version should be up in a few days.

Here's the link if you want to mess around with it! It's free.

Let me know what you think! Oh and I have a discord of course!


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Happy to support this cause.

We'd love to include The Deer God and Hammer Bomb if possible. Thanks so much for creating this bundle!

Oh thank you :) I'll upload one later today - yeah the file is over 2gb :p

Ok it's been out on Steam for a bit now it's available here!

Step into the cockpit of an intergalactic fighter and explore the great expanses of outer space. With more than 30 engaging story missions and sidequests spanning several star systems, Subdivision Infinity is an action-packed journey brimming with dogfights, boss battles, and more set against the stunning wild outer reaches of the cosmos.