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There’s a bug with multi-remove.
I’m in the process of releasing 0.5.1 with a fix

That’s currently a separate transaction.
Sadly it’s in a weird state right now due to not being released on Steam yet.
I don’t plan on guaranteeing that a purchase on one platform will give access to all of them since that’ll be hard to manage properly.
In your case please send me a direct message somewhere. Sadly there’s no DM system on itch, but reddit (i3ck), Discord (I3ck#4799) or Mail (buckmartin AT gmail com) should work.

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Hi Toma400, there’s currently a guide at
I also added to my Todo to add the guide to the game’s archive as well
Edit: The guide is now included in the game’s files

There's currently no auto update

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For my 3D viewer Blaze3D this is especially bad. I embedded several videos and also listed links to all the models in use.

Someone not used to will never find the Demo button: 

I added a note at the top of the page for this  reason.

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Currently only the 'Buy Now' button is displayed at the top of the page, while both the demo and buy buttons are additionally shown at the bottom of the page.  

I think especially for this causes the impression that buying is the only option available.  

This issue becomes worse with increasing length of the description.  

I suggest adding an option to also display the demo button at the top of the page (or just doing so by default).

I hope you like it :)

Hi pigeonaut!  

I'm glad you like it :) If you have any ideas for improvements or find any bugs, please let me know.

For Earth like results I'd try to tone most effects down and increase the subdivisions especially during the erosion by setting more values at iterations_per_subdivision. 

Please note that every additional value there increases the memory demand approximately by x4.

I think I generated the screenshots here from the default configuration with many erosion iterations.

To create something similar to the Moon I'd focus on the meteor settings. Having many meteors and a huge range between radius_min and radius_max should yield nice results.  

If I stumble on new/old settings that yield great results, I'll let you know :)