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Hey can you send me an email ?

Really like to recreate and figure out this glitch you've got.


Sorry for the late reply, I hadn't checked the page for a while and missed your message.

It's still just a demo for now but I'm very close to a release. Just need to finish testing and fixing bugs. 

Well... the plan was to have it finished and released now, in September. Unfortunately I haven't been able to make that deadline. I'm not going to announce a new release date just yet, I'm waiting until I can set a date I'll be certain to hit. I don't want to continually announce dates and then fail to meet them and I don't want to cut the game down to get it out either.

Hey, sorry I missed your message and am only just getting back now.

I certainly do allow ads on let's plays


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Octopix winner and New Demo

Stunned to announce that Mars Underground won the Octopix for best independent game in the Strasbourg Festival!

Strasbourg winners

I've also just uploaded a new, improved demo:

-New tile edits by Matt Beer
-New name input screen
-New "show hotspots" button
-Added a special "demo exclusive" ending
-Fixed lots of little glitches and bugs

Yes, the final game will be available for Linux and Mac

Updated Demo 7-July-2016

  • Can play through the entire day!
  • More locations. More things to do. More music. More everything.
  • Can travel on bus. Reach locations: Phobos City, Pac Street, Moloch Headquarters
  • Use of Jay's VariableMix plugin for dynamic music crossfades
  • Removed icon pop-ups
  • Dialogue choices now use HMSChoiceDisplayMode

Note: HTML5 version is not compatible with and had to be removed.

Thanks. I'm preparing a longer demo right now. It was developed with RPG Maker MV

A longer demo is planned for early July. The full game will be out in 2017.

Cool! Look forward to seeing what you think

Love the concept.

The error at the start of "cycle 2" should be fixed now.

Thanks so much to both of you for having a look!

It appears this bug crops up the first time the game is run, before an image has been cached, which is why I was having so much trouble recreating it.

Hope I can fix it quickly.

Thanks for having a look at my game!

I'm having difficulty recreating that error. Were you playing the browser version or the download? What sort of device were you using? What is your internet connection like?

Updated 30 March 2016:

-Shortened "default cycle" by removing most of the school section

-Now using 16x16 tilesets

-All events are now triggered by "player touch"

-Graphics tweaks

-Gameplay tweaks