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Mars On Fire

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Version 0.3 - The "It's more like a triple A game now!" Update

- Major changes (more specific down below)   - got rid of level 1 and created 4 levels with some new art that will end up being the final look (for those levels)   - levels are shorter and no longer use checkpoints (if you die, you will go back to the beginning)   - added an options menu (not fully implemented)   - fixed some bugs   - did some balancing

- Parallaxing added (forgot about adding this earlier and it won't be in the game's changelog)

- Levels   - now 4 levels   - level 1 and 2 trashed and redone   - the game is going to be sorted in "Chapters" --> I hope to have about 5 levels per chapter, with the last level being a boss battle

- Sounds   - added a sounds options menu so people can change sounds   - fixed a lot of problems introduced by adding a sounds options menu

- Menus   - redid main menu   - added settings/options menu, not fully implemented yet

- Checkpoints   - well after all that work... I'm not using checkpoints or planning on using them anymore... -_-

- Story   - Fungus has been implemented and used in the first level to experiment and show what it will be like in the future

- Art   - created some new ones   - new terrains   - new background

- updated credits and early stage warning screen

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You don't know how you ended up in hell, but you're certainly stuck there now...

Oh well, at least there's lots of weapons laying around so you can expose your inner badass. Lay waste to other souls through hellashish combat as you escape! However, you'll discover there is more to everything here and yourself as you'll need to recover the story of you.

Right now, there is a build for Windows and Mac. Check it out by clicking here.

If you download and play this, please let me know what you think. Tell me the truth. I can't fix problems or something that people don't like if you don't tell me what you think of the game.


Developer Notes: Go to Hell is currently in development and I will be updating it as much as I can. My hope is to make a fast paced 2D action shooter with frantic gameplay where you're always moving and always shooting.  Go to Hell was inspired by DOOM. I'm using Unity3D.

Future Goals/Plans:

- a story that is actually engaging, but ridiculous and fun at the same time

- boss battles

- many different types of enemies that are unique from one another

--- 5 so far

- integrate subtitles

- updated icon as the game reaches stages of development

- levels that tie into the story and objectives

- more guns --> I decided that pistols are boring so everything will pretty much be automatic

---- 4 so far

- more sounds as I add more to the game

- redo some menus that are ugly...

- redo upgrade system

- that someone likes and plays the game...

Thanks to everyone who played and rated!

It's a secret

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Crashed after a bit, and I love that the idea of the game is to break your fps!

Edit: I downloaded it on my gaming PC and decided I needed lower FPS so I got it on my laptop too :)

Haha, I loved it. I think I broke it though when I battled the first guy... I can't get out of it... unless that's the point...