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Awesome! excited to try out your game.

So far there's been one other valid submission. I am aware of a lot of people working on their games though, so I expect that number to go up as we near the deadline.

Hey everyone, quick update:

This jam has been much more popular than I initially anticipated, and as a result there's been a bit of submissions spam happening. I'm not online regularly enough to deal with it quickly so the submissions page will be disabled until the jam ends. You can still submit your games, of course, but this will mean any spam isn't advertised and will hopefully curb it (or at least hide it until I can get around to removing it).

It goes in and out from time to time. It seems to be working now, but if you google fullsnes.txt you'll find a couple other websites that host it as well.

Thanks for pointing this out. I'll take a look!

Hi! Sorry for the late response. It seems like you're pointing at a directory on accident. What does your makefile look like?

It actually needs to run on the SNES. You don't need to have an actual SNES though - bsnes is a very accurate emulator, and if it works on there it will work on the SNES unless you're trying to do some seriously weird stuff.

That's not a problem. Just make sure you follow all the rules of this jam.

libSFX is what I recommend - it comes with the ca65 assembler. But any assembler that supports the 65816 will work.

No - this jam is for the SNES only.

Thank you for playing! When I started playtesting I was really reminded of crazy taxi, and then it started to influence the rest of the game (especially the punk rock music choice). I'll try to toy with the spawn rates a bit more after the jam, I've realized that there are a couple spots where it gets pretty crowded and a bit unfair. Thank you for the feedback!

I had trouble with this in godot as well, you have to zip up the .html, .wasm, .js and .pck file together, and rename the html file to index.html. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the question. I've just added it to the rules, essentially only expansion chips that were used in an era SNES game are allowed. So, like you said, something like SuperFX is allowed but MSU-1 or weird hacks like adding a modern microprocessor to your game are not.

Really cool! I thought the mechanic was extremely creative, especially the part where you can only use each scale once. It made me think about each puzzle in a really interesting way. The art was really good, the weight that you put behind SOUL SACRIFICE made completing each level that much more satisfying. Chromatic aberration gets overused a lot in games but it works really well here. The music was good but it didn't seem to match the gameplay thematically. Level design was top notch, I felt all the mechanics were explained well without overusing text. Overall a great puzzle platformer. Amazing job.

Huge fan. I'm on my laptops trackpad so I don't think I'm getting the full experience, it was pretty tough but also a lot of fun. The playing field is a tad dark but presentation is overall top notch, I especially love the sound when an owl goes to both of the golems, so satisfying. The owl on the title screen might be my favorite part. Overall A++.

I like the abstractness of the game but I feel like it just confused me, haha. I found the letter W (although I didn't hear any ringing) and couldn't find any others. I was getting lost all the time, and the "curse" mechanic left me somewhat frustrated. The music is cool though - it sounds like authentic NES music. Overall I really think this game has a lot going for it, the player just needs their hand held a little more

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What a cool mechanic! I absolutely love it when enemies spew loot everywhere. At the beginning I said "oh this is easy, all of the enemies come down to you so I don't need to jump" then I got to a level where I couldn't go anywhere.. :(. I guess, such is the issue with greed.

Thank you so much!

I love how simple the mechanic was. It almost felt like I was playing a weird spin on minesweeper, haha. The levels were great, and I think they really showed off the mechanic without overstaying their welcome. The music is especially the highlight, it is sooo relaxing and kept me from getting too frustrated. The only thing I would add is a undo button - I found myself accidentally clicking an arrow one too many times, and I had to restart completely.

I loved this! Tying wisdom to weight left me figuring out the best route to level up and stay at no wisdom for the platforming. The jumping feels a little loose but that is my only criticism. Great job!

The web build doesn't seem to work? I would love to try this out but it just gives me a blank screen.

They are by Three Irma & Louise, from their albums Dry Bones and White Hell.

Awesome! You don't need a physical SNES to participate though - emulators like bsnes are very accurate nowadays.

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Do you have a rom or source code that you can post? My guess is that with Mesen-S it's initializing VRAM to a randomized state (instead of all zeros). Typically that's a emulator config option which would explain the discrepancy between different emulators. Are you using $212C to disable layers you don't need? You can also go into the debugger of bsnes or mesen-s to look at what's in VRAM.

As for tutorials, the ones on the SFC wiki are pretty good, I've followed a couple. libSFX also has a good set of sample programs, but they of course take full advantage of libSFX macros so it might not be an option if you don't want to do that. Unfortunately the issue with homebrew is many people develop tutorials and sample programs based off of aging and inaccurate emulators. For example the hello-snes repo you linked doesn't work on actual hardware either, and it seems like it was developed using snes9x (considered to be out of date at this point)

I've just created a small section in the main jam page with spots for folks to ask for help if they get stuck. There are others that have way better knowledge of the hardware than I do

I would absolutely love this. Right now the SNES homebrew community is somewhat of a hodgepodge of personal preference, dead links and "I've-always-done-it-this-way"s. Although I don't personally have the time to put together something like that on my own, I would love to help contribute and would 100% feature it front and center once it's up.