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Marloes de Graaf

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Hii! Thank you for playing our game! Implementing a gradual difficulty build up in the recipe complexity is something we will try to add in the future (but couldn’t now due to the time restrictions). We did add some extra time for completing each order though so it should be a bit easier to get started now 😊


Hii! Thank you for playing our game and providing us feedback! We just submitted a polished build where the UI issues should be fixed. Cheers! :) 

Hi! Thank you for playing our game and taking the time to record the bug! We just submitted a polished build where all counters should be usable to put ingredients on (to combine the ingredients into a meal they should be put on a plate). Cheers! 

Absolutely love the art style! Everything looks super cute and the entire scene is coherent. I did notice the some ‘preview’ text in the shadows due to unbuild lighting but that should be easy enough to fix during polishing. Great job on the gamejam! 

I really like the art style! The fox and the dogs both look super cute, and the environment looks very nice as well. As some others have already noted, the audio didn’t always work as intended (sometimes not playing at all and sometimes overlapping). But besides that, I didn’t encounter any issues. Great job!

Managed to get to 107. Loved the spinning ghost and audio when you hit a wall! 

Art looks really cute and game feels and plays nice! 

The ghosts look super cute and it's also nice that points were based on where you stopped the ectoplasm in the portal. Made me replay it a few times to try and beat my score! 

I like that there were several ghosts to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Definitely adds to the replayability of the game! 

Quite a challenging platformer!

Funny idea and love the thumbnail! 

Love the idea of a sk8er ghost 

Never have I ever struggled this much with cutting an onion, but it was never this funny either :D 

I've never been this stressed while shopping

Looks very cute! 

Thanks again for playtesting! And good to hear you enjoyed playing the early access build!  

Happy to hear you enjoyed our game and thank you for sharing your feedback! We are currently in the process of art passing the levels and are still balancing and tweaking the weapons, updates will come soon!

Thank you for taking the time to play our game! If you have any feedback, feel free to let us know!

Great take on the theme of the jam! I had fun while playing (even though my anxiety peaked). Curious to see how it will turn out once it's ported to UE5! 

A few screenshots displaying the monkey-mechanic and robot enemies: 

Hii all!
Our student game Sugar Blast is finally in early access! It's a third-person shooter set in an overrun candy factory! Take up your boots and soda-pack as the monkey-mechanic and shoot your way through the waves of robots!

All feedback is welcome! Hope you enjoy 


The Sugar Blast Team

The art of the game looks very nice and I love the audio, great job! 

I really liked the art style! Also loved the scenes that were displayed in the level, great job! 

Impressed by the level design! Learning the behaviour of the different enemies was very intuitive, good job! Also, the big red square dude stressed me out haha

Simple but elegant. Would be nice if the gun had a little more feedback (to indicate when you run out of bullets). Curious to see how it will turn out with a little more work after the jam!