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Wonderful game! playing on emulator on the psp, really cool

This game feels like it could be great but I'm not sure I understand the rules! Let an orange guy go past but make sure you kill the green and blues, then your combo climbs up? Then after a while a pink bastard comes along and obliterates you?! if you get combo up to 30 then you get to see 3-D ?! 

Look forward to when you finish it and its on SPLORE so can play it on the Steam Deck.

Great game best of luck! 

No probs, there are some parts where I went from full to zero health in a matter of seconds, so yeah maybe once learn those patterns it could be possible, challenge accepted!

989630 with a few continues, does this qualify?! , great game some great enemy patterns there.  Future is bright for SHMUP creator.. hope you did well in the jam and look forward to your next creations, well done

for Mac I just use Wine to run it, works fine 

Wow this is so good.

I'm terrible at precision platformers but this makes me want to get good, the control of Dart is difficult to get to grips with but i'm sure when get more skilled this will be so enjoyable..

Well Done and look forward to full release!!

Yeah that all sounds great and tutorial level especially, just to get started..

Personally I love very simple controls with not much needed to know just to get started, then if more elements are added in later levels and more weapons etc become available that's fine.

Also your second boss is very easy to beat , you just need to stay centre of the screen, you probably know that already!

Stellar Fury community · Created a new topic Great demo

Just played the demo and think it's great, I don't really know what I'm doing though and lots going on but I'm not a pro anyway, more a novice, played in Arcade mode.

Would be good to know what everything is though and sure that'll be in the full version so can enjoy it even more.

The feedback form doesn't seem to work by the way in case that's a good way to provide more feedback?

Really great fun, hope you do well in the competition!

Yep that works nice one!

What a game, such good craic..

Also checked out Punchy Face and looking forward to see where you guys go with that, best of luck!

Hi, The v1.24 file only brings me to the games Steam page? Am I doing something wrong to open the game?


Great game , love the old style schmups shame nobody makes em like this no more, except you! works fine in Wine on my old Mac with xbox controller.

I didn't realise you could shoot with the green ship and thought it was really fun to play just trying to get close and swipe the enemies to death,  I will play that way from now on...

Love the game and the music, playing on an old Mac using and it runs fine..

HI guys this tool looks amazing and my 5 year old is going to lose her mind when I can bring her storybooks (her drawings and words) to life!

I am a noob with unity so find it hard to get going so maybe that idiots guide would be very useful if you've done it? 

I did get your template scene to open by just downloading your flatgame folder and then rooting through folders to find the TemplateScene.unity file.

I couldnt import the package maybe cause I'm using 2020.1.8f version of Unity.

Anyway as you can see all of this basic setup stuff is probably second nature to you devs but for normal people we really need a good walkthrough to get up and running and then to get our own drawings into it and animated etc.

Very excited though, this is going to be great parent child activity, well done!

PS - bought your game (work of art) on Switch, beautiful :) 

such good craic, your games are always great, keep up the amazing work! I'm useless at this right now like all your other games, must try harder :)