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HI guys this tool looks amazing and my 5 year old is going to lose her mind when I can bring her storybooks (her drawings and words) to life!

I am a noob with unity so find it hard to get going so maybe that idiots guide would be very useful if you've done it? 

I did get your template scene to open by just downloading your flatgame folder and then rooting through folders to find the TemplateScene.unity file.

I couldnt import the package maybe cause I'm using 2020.1.8f version of Unity.

Anyway as you can see all of this basic setup stuff is probably second nature to you devs but for normal people we really need a good walkthrough to get up and running and then to get our own drawings into it and animated etc.

Very excited though, this is going to be great parent child activity, well done!

PS - bought your game (work of art) on Switch, beautiful :)