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The particle effects and UI were nice, and I felt like I was in the arcade! I think the ball speed wasn't resetting after death for me, and it became extremely fast later on even at the start. Regardless, nice job with the game!

Fun shooter! I liked all the different guns and moving around felt nice. The green and brown for the title screen made it a little hard for me to read the instructions, and more contrast might make the text more readable. Nice graphics and pacing!

Thanks for playing! There's a power modifier at certain breakpoints based on how much energy you use to charge, so spamming attack was supposed to be the least energy efficient. Playing through it again, it seems like the differences in damage were not big enough.

I could definitely improve it so that the changes in damage are more distinguishable. Maybe also provide different visual or audio effects to signal to the player that charging up a punch is the way to go.

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback!

One of my favorite games of the jam! The level design was well thought out, and the cube and last level were layered like onions. Amazing tunes and graphics!

This was great! I loved the references and humor. The visual and sound effects really sold the slap. Good work!

The concept was pretty interesting, and I liked the sound effects! The amount of XP to level down felt kind of high for me, but it was still fun to figure out the weaknesses and immunities of the enemies. It might be cool to have a random enemy be unable to fight for a short time, so the player might be unable to continually repeat a strategy. Good job!

This game has such charm. I enjoyed all the interactions with possessing different objects and really liked the cooking level. Nice work!

This is a beautiful game. The music and visuals were really nice. Unfortunately, the audio on the WebGL version didn't work for me and it seemed to lag sometimes, but everything was fine on the Windows version. I loved the concept where the rendering of the game changed how you were able to see the environment.

I really liked the art and music. It was a bit weird that I could hide offscreen on the right side, but the ship felt great to control!

What a groove. Amazing experience with how the intertwined the music is with the gameplay!

The feeling of getting a jump power-up was great! I loved jumping around obstacles and finding the coins. Backtracking was fun, and the checkpoints were well placed. Great polish with the graphics, sound, and the way the text appeared!

Amazing submission! It had a super polished feel to it with the graphics, animations, and sound effects. I enjoyed moving through the map, but the attack range felt a little short with no power-ups for it. Nice touch with the slightly varying sound effects to reduce repetition!

The blob sprite was adorable and I liked the music at the end! It'd be nice to see a level where the tiles switch on and off if you walk back over them. Good job!

Great atmosphere, the sound effects spooked me! I was a little confused at the beginning though, since the player starts off facing left in darkness. It might help the player to understand the game started by facing the generators instead. Good work creating an eerie experience!

I really enjoyed this. The art and atmosphere was great, and the concept of battling with dice was cool.

Great game! The sound effects, music, and art made it a pretty polished game overall.  I also liked the arrow animation to point to the next objective!

I thought that your font looked nice and really crisp! I had some trouble with the jump, since it felt fast for me and would sometimes float when falling down. Nice work with introducing the concepts of the puzzles gradually!

I liked how the timer followed the player! I felt like it gave the game more urgency and was a nice touch. The jump felt a little unnatural to me when Joe hangs in the air for the duration of the jump despite hitting a platform or wall above him. Cool game to try to beat your time!

Nice job! I enjoyed the levels and I was surprised there was an undo button, which was really nice. It actually took me a while to realize that I could play on the first level, since I thought it was a text screen but the presentation of the text within the levels was a great idea!

The dialogue and platforming were fun! The camera panning when respawning was a bit slow for the later levels which are longer, but I liked seeing how the flashlight affected the environment and the art was great!

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Interesting game, I feel like this is one of those games that's easy to learn but hard to master. I liked that the gameplay was challenging but not so overwhelming, since I feel encouraged to try for a higher score.

A nice relaxing game. I was a little confused at the beginning on how to transport the power, but it became clear after I saw the wires connect. Seeing the electricity flowing through and the cities growing felt nice. Good work!

Nice work! I liked how the game looked and the field of vision. At times, I accidentally got the box stuck to the wall and had to restart all over again unfortunately, but that's probably my own fault

The palette and art are great to look at, and I like that there was a variety of enemies throughout the level. The movement speed was a little fast for me, but the controls overall felt tight and responsive. Good work, I especially liked the touch where the button to turn on the terminal appeared above it

Agreed, a dash reward would be nice and I could look into improving the movement. Thanks for playing and giving feedback!

I really enjoyed learning about the crew. Although I found myself dying from running out of battery a few times, it was still cool to piece together the narrative from multiple runs. The art and atmosphere was great!

Thanks for the compliments! I agree the audio/visual feedback would be nice to add, and the game could be faster paced to be more exciting

Thank you! I think I'd need to tweak the dash and hit detection a bit to feel better

Interesting concept and graphics! I liked trying to figure out where to place the tiles and what tile to pick.  I enjoyed the music too, but I think it cuts off after a certain point or doesn't loop.

The lightning effects were neat! I liked upgrading the split chance, so I could kill entire groups of enemies. Would be nice to see current stats while choosing the upgrades

This was amazing. The graphics, environments,  camera shots, and even how the text appeared was great to see. The ambient music helped place me inside the game and the narration was a nice touch

Nice application of the theme! I thought the jump power mechanic was interesting. I wish there was a way to adjust the jump power without having to open the menu to break up the gameplay. Good job, those fake platforms got me

Thank you! I was thinking the same thing. At the start of the jam, I was hoping to give bonus energy on successfully dodging attacks

Thank you! I wanted to make the boss fight dramatic. Also, I appreciate the feedback, and recharging could be faster to get the player back into action more

Well done! Using the spell was a lot of fun and the visual effects enhanced the game

The intros were pretty cool with how the character and their environment pop into the screen! I think some additional description for the controls and the element combinations might help get the player into the game faster. It was an interesting concept with having to manage the board and combine the elements

I like how responsive the controls feel! I think the movement on the angled platforms was a little weird, but it was a fun game to hop around in

The slow down mechanic was cool, and the transition from normal speed to slow felt nice and not jarring. It'd be cool to see a slow down bar or limited amount of slow down, which might add some more strategy to the game. Good work, it was satisfying to slow down and adjust the car to barely dodge things!

I liked the converter/shop system! It might've been nice to increase the movement speed and to map the shoot button and mine button to separate buttons. Nice work on the art!

The color palette and graphics gave the game a great look! I would've liked the movement to be a bit more snappy, but it was cool to explore the level. Love the art style!