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uhmmmm lol


Idk. I guess it could work

The theme has been announced now! I hope your idea fits it xd.

Also good luck and have fun!

Good luck!

The starting date of the Roccus Gamus Jamus should be the 15th of November.
If ya have any suggestions for changes, please let me know!

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also dw!

i kinda softlocked myself lol



Don't worry about it. You gave me a lot of feedback during the livestream.
Thanks again for playing!

ok, windows versions below 10 are acting kinda weird so thats probably it :(

thats reallly weird. What windows version and net framework version do ya have?

i am veri gud bug tester 

If the white game border is smaller you can just zoom in with ctrl + scrollwheel

does it start in a windowed mode?

Or is just the game border smaller?

well i didn't really want to softlock myself, but your collision just moves me down and right when you go into an object sometimes

yep thats probably it. You need to read all the memories ya got

Sure! Since theres quite a bit to do. (Also did you get to the terminal?)

Thanks! BTW did you beat the game?

Thx! It was really fun!

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Ayyy I speedrunned it in 7mins!

The order is a bit weird but it somehow worked after like 3 tries.

Also I think I'm close to beating it but I'm kinda stuck at the match part

No If you go out of bounds and fall down forever and the death cutscene happens, youll get teleported back to the start but maintain the speed of falling down and will fall down again.

Also like please make the teleportation when you die remove all of your speed/velocity

Ok. I kinda always die though :(
Are you supposed to see the person killing you?

Also is it normal that you can  place all three items? (Idk if its inteded)

If you go to some corner and look around weirdly and press w and a for example youll start to either clip through walls or go up

Ayyy I went outside!

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You can kinda clip through the first door

uhhmmmm I found a bug lol

Sorry, but since the game is not written in Unity and uses the actual console window, that won't be really possible...

you might need either a newer os or a newer version of net framework i think

Hmmmmm... Could you tell me your OS and hownyou tried zo launch it?

(Also if those images spam the comment section too much I can edit them out)

This is a very good game and I had fun playing it. It has a nice skribblnaut artstyle. The only (a bit) annoying thing was the turning in air. Also you can skip a very smal section by attacking into a wall in the right timing and grabbing the ladder (The location is in the 2nd level I think). Also it would be cool if there was a restart button (Maybe I missed it tho) Also in one part of the game my points just increased forever. (I don't think that was intended) (Actually it stopped at 765 after moving right a bit)

Thanks! Hope the game was not too confusing though.

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interesting game. A bit very confusing though

I could just make a border but it's not needed.