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Added a handful of community copies so feel free to grab one! 

Wail community · Created a new topic Wail Reviews

There hasn't actually been any reviews of Wail except for those on itch which are not public so here's a thread that if anything public does pop up I'll post it here. 

The first video I've seen covering Wail is this wonderful play session/review by The Dungeon Dive

Douse is available for the Immolator to use any time for 1AP.vThe idea was as an Immolator the character always has their own stock of it while other classes need an additional item.  

So for the Weaver and the Catalyst the Weave Keyword means you need to roll using your Weave stat instead of Hammer of Scythe when making attacks. 

The Arcane tag means Attacks that are rolled using the Weave stat Deal +1 Harm. 

And thank you so much. If you do post them feel free to post a link here, I'm not active on FB but would like to see them. I'm glad you're enjoying the game!

Hey sure thing, ask away and i'll answer here

Sorry for the late response. I'm hoping this month to have them available but I've been going through some stuff which has delayed it all a bit. 

I'll be posting here as soon as it's available! 

Hi Ken, I usually do item checks as you'd said, during encounters, exploration and after combat. The tables on page 24 were designed so you could roll something from the Looting Table and then define it using the other random tables if you so wish.

I'm currently working on some additional content for WAIL so I'll definitely take your feedback into consideration though and see if I can update the item mechanic a bit!

Hey, I think there is an issue with the summer sale and the reduced cost copies. I've removed the reduced cost copies to stop this being an issue but added a few community copies so feel free to grab one of them instead! 

I was waiting ages for the jam to be unlocked to upload an updated version of Puck the Pangolin and when it unlocked I kinda forgot. 

New version is up which stops the issue of becoming stuck while exiting the level Mountain Climb

I have also screencapped the feedback for the game from the Astrojone site for ease of viewing. The feedback was extremely thorough and fair and I also cant believe it got a runner-up for the jam. This is definitely an idea id like to return to at some point and take forward. 

Plaintext copy is now available on the downloads!

Thank you for all the great feedback! I've just uploaded an individual pages version for home printing. I thought pages would allow a bit more freedom for home printing than me doing multiple spread varieties. Hopefully this is what you were hoping for. Feel free to let me know what you think or if there's any changes that would be beneficial. (I mainly use a tablet so home printing stuff is all new for me so thanks for the help!)

Print friendly is on my list, I just wanted to get the final rules out. I'll see if I can get it done this week and let you know here.

Out of interest would a print friendly version for you be just black text on white and removing the Grey's from the tables? Or would you prefer less text too? (I'm wondering about removing the headers on each page?) 

And would you prefer spreads or still as pages? (Sorry for all the questions  gotta make sure the print friendly version if fit for purpose haha) 

 I'm glad you're excited too! 

Thank you, I can't wait to get the final game out and the physical copies ordered too!

Black and White versions of both addons are now available on the Beasts Beyond the Veil page. I hope you enjoy them!

I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'll have a go at getting print friendly versions of both expansions ready tomorrow and will drop a message here when its available. 

Thank you so much! I've only just gout out of work and seen so im just putting together a post about it now!

Sure thing, I'm going to do an epub version but can also do this too. Is there any specific file type that would be helpful? Or would just a plaintext pdf be good? 


I've just uploaded updated files. And thank you for the kind words I really appreciate it!

Oh I missed that when I was updating the miracles. Smite should read deal 1d6 harm instead of 2d6. I'll do an updated PDF and get it uploaded soon. Thanks for letting me know!  

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad youre enjoying it so far. 

I'll definitely see about adding some more prompts and definitions for landmarks or current events in those places, I'm doing a few additional tables to help with storytelling and defining the world but it's taking a little longer than I intended as I'm doing it around a new job. 

The character can also start with up to 5 items or keywords. I made it this way to give you some choices at the start, do you want a lot of skills that increase your dice pools or items that upgrade your rolls. I have written a small additional section about advancing your character and when to gain new keywords which will be in the final version. 

Thank you for this, I'm working on some edits at the moment and ill definitely see what I can do to make that more clear. 

Hi Rodrigo. Thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it. Your castle sounds great and I hope you are enjoying your adventure and getting to explore your world.

I have been working on some additional tables and  oracles for the full release. Is there anything in particular you would like to see covered that would be helpful as you play? 

I think in regards to the Waycastle I may do some additional oracle tables to help better define it and the rooms within and maybe have some minor events or encounters. It was designed to be similar to hub locations in video games but definitely could be something larger if you feel it matches your world you are building. 

Thank you so much for sharing your adventure and thoughts, hopefully you enjoy the final release and the additional tables help guide your story! 

Such a fantastic lineup of games chosen, must have been crazy hard to get it down to 50. Now to look forward to the Kickstarter and seeing it in print! 

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Winter's Spite is the Christmas/winter add-on for Fade Beyond the Veil. 

This 11 Page Add-on featuring winter themed content and includes a new way to play Fade Beyond the Veil. The new game mode is a hex crawl across a frozen waste while engaging in skirmish battles. You will encounter 5 new enemies and must prepare well as towns are rare and there will be many battles on the way to the Pillar of Spite. If you manage to reach the Pillar you will battle Varantur and his Heart of Winter. 

The Winter Rewards table gives you random new items including equipment with the new FrostbiteBitter and Ice Proof Tags or some new Trinkets. You also have a chance at getting the Frostborne Sword, the weapon of Varantur that deals increased damage if your foe has dealt any harm to you.  

Really enjoyed reading this one, style and layout are perfect and it's so thematic. 

Absolutely striking entry. I love the cave drawing mechanic! 

I managed to finish my solo journaling game Wail. I didn't manage to finish the artwork for it so I've put out an artless but feature complete version. You build a world around you character as you explore and move around a hex based map. I'm happy with the map building and exploring aspect of the game and am looking forward to generating some maps and worlds with it. Now to get the art done over the next few weeks and then I think i'll be sorted!

Wail community · Created a new topic Wail launch & feedback

The first version of Wail is now available. This is a feature complete game and is currently only missing the artwork. 

While I create the art over the next few weeks the Artless version is available with 20% off as a thank you to anyone who purchases it early. If you have any feedback or comments when trying Wail please feel free to post it here as I would love to hear it. 

Absolutely love this one! Its clean, looks lovely, has a solid ruleset and the tone is fantastic. Also think the the hidden micro adventure is a fantastic idea. Wonderful work!

Fantastic artwork, character design and animations. Even with the limited pallet you've made such a pretty looking game! This really does feel like something I would have played on the GameBoy. 

Really pretty world and colours. Looking forward to playing a post-jam version of this!

I really enjoyed this, I love the art style and night happening gave me proper OoT Hyrule field vibes.  I'd love to try a version with gamepad controls. And the box cover you've made is perfect!

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Its been brought to my attention that upon finishing the Mountain Climb level you will be stuck in the floor. (See image below)

To get around this please close the game and reopen it. On the menu select load (Space/A/X) and you will have access to level 4 - Breezy Hills. 

Sorry for any inconvenience, when voting has ended for the jam I will post an update fixing this problem here!

Ahh I missed that! I cant do an update to get around it but if you quit the game and reopen it and load on the main menu then level 4 will unlock! Thank you for spotting that, as soon as i can do an update when jam voting is over I will put it out

The pdf is on the project page. Click view project page and then download now for the pdf. 

I was digging through some old gamejam sketches for inspiration and found some notes for a business card RPG for a previous jam that I never finished. 

So obviously I took a break from my main project I'm working on and Finished this Damn RPG instead!

I'm working on a solo Journaling game called Wail. Its sort of a spiritual successor to my Last RPG Jam entry from last year The Singing Sands

No stats or classes, you define a characters history (or roll one) which influences their starting items or Keywords/Skills. Then during encounters or actions your Items/Equipment and Keywords positively affect your pool of d6s, while Injuries or negative Keywords reduce or hinder your pool. While playing you build a hex map, gather allies to your base which can assist you and explore the locations.  Really happy with the map making at the moment and now I'm onto defining the tables for exploration and encounters. 

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Unhallowed Eve is the Halloween update for Fade Beyond the Veil. 

This 7 Page Add-on features a new Halloween inspired scenario where you will fight to stop a blood sacrifice before the Hallowed Reaper rises. This zine contains 1 new enemy; the Cultists,  The Hallowed Reaper, a boss whose behaviour changes based on your progress in the scenario, 4 new Tags, a brand new Trinket and the Trick or Treat table.

Your reward for completing the mission will include rolls on the new Trick and Treat table. 8 new rewards are available to you, get lucky and you may find a Treat such as weapons with the Lucky tag or the Unhallowed Axe, the weapon wielded by the Hallowed Reaper. But a Trick roll will see you rewarded with Unlucky weapons or artefacts featuring the new Imp keyword. 

And to celebrate Halloween both Fade Beyond the Veil and The Singing Sands are 20% off for the next 5 Days! Click here for the Sale

I hope you enjoy this addon and Happy Halloween! 

If you preordered it you should see the game in your library. Or in the main game page under the itchfunding bar it should say "You own this game"

Hey I've just sorted and uploaded a print-friendly version. There's a spreads or pages version. I hope you enjoy.