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Print friendly is on my list, I just wanted to get the final rules out. I'll see if I can get it done this week and let you know here.

Out of interest would a print friendly version for you be just black text on white and removing the Grey's from the tables? Or would you prefer less text too? (I'm wondering about removing the headers on each page?) 

And would you prefer spreads or still as pages? (Sorry for all the questions  gotta make sure the print friendly version if fit for purpose haha) 

 I'm glad you're excited too! 


I think the main concern for at-home printers would be “less full-page solid black backgrounds”. I wouldn’t necessarily change anything else like headers and tables.

But on the other hand, I have printed stuff with solid black backgrounds, and even though my ink cartridges hate me for it, DAMN does it come out looking delicious… 😂😭

I guess “low ink without sacrificing your design vision too much”?

As for spreads, there are 2 kinds, right?: true spreads that make your design intent shine as intended when viewed on screen (but which can also be achieved by turning on “facing pages” in your reader), and “booklet” printing spreads for saddle stitching, which are super helpful for at-home printers. 

(I’ve personally invested in an app called “booklet creator” which transforms PDFs to duplex-ready spreads)

I’ve done a lot of thinking about this as well, for when I finally put up my own booklet, and I think the conclusion is: can’t hurt to have more formats, as long as generating them isn’t a time-sink per update…

Thank you for all the great feedback! I've just uploaded an individual pages version for home printing. I thought pages would allow a bit more freedom for home printing than me doing multiple spread varieties. Hopefully this is what you were hoping for. Feel free to let me know what you think or if there's any changes that would be beneficial. (I mainly use a tablet so home printing stuff is all new for me so thanks for the help!)