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ZOMG you guys are awesome...

Man, I'm noticing SO many awesome improvements...! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

A "levels" node would be sweet, so that the output of "lighting" could be made to span the whole black-to-white spectrum, leading to less cramped use of "colorizer".

Or instead of "levels", just a simple input/ouptut to strech the image's min/max to black/white?

Yes, that took me a while to get as well ;P

Agreed. Some kind of node that could take the output of "Lighting" and expand it across black-to-white.

I've also just got the chalice left...
Revisited all spots, and I'm at a loss :(

Afraid to close the game, because I don't know if it'll store my progress :D

but WOW it's one of the sweetest little things I've played in a while :):):)

AWESOME program!!!

Some quick feedback:

  • Palette:
    • re-ordering the colors, especially if it defines the colorizer's picker later on
  • Colorizer:
    • the colorizer is definitely clunky to use, especially how it feeds from the palette, the absence of location value sliders, and the amount of clicks to a full color ramp
    • i ended up colorizing in Photoshop w/ a gradient map...
  • UI:
    • ability to preview the tile?
    • ability to move the canvas using the OS's "pan" (trackpad on laptops, for ex.) instead of needing additional key press.
    • ability to set resolution: can only fit 3 nodes side-by-side on my 15" Retina screen? I like the pixel aesthetic, but don't need them to be 4x...
    • ability to set values w/ keyboard instead of just sliders.