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LOVED the art style...

Such a great escape room game......!!!

One of the most refreshing things I've played in a while... Go into it cold: you won't regret it.

Yes, I joined their Patreon and downloaded the PDF from there.

I think the main concern for at-home printers would be “less full-page solid black backgrounds”. I wouldn’t necessarily change anything else like headers and tables.

But on the other hand, I have printed stuff with solid black backgrounds, and even though my ink cartridges hate me for it, DAMN does it come out looking delicious… 😂😭

I guess “low ink without sacrificing your design vision too much”?

As for spreads, there are 2 kinds, right?: true spreads that make your design intent shine as intended when viewed on screen (but which can also be achieved by turning on “facing pages” in your reader), and “booklet” printing spreads for saddle stitching, which are super helpful for at-home printers. 

(I’ve personally invested in an app called “booklet creator” which transforms PDFs to duplex-ready spreads)

I’ve done a lot of thinking about this as well, for when I finally put up my own booklet, and I think the conclusion is: can’t hurt to have more formats, as long as generating them isn’t a time-sink per update…

Woot woot!! I loved following this campaign, Amanda: you did a really good job promoting it, but I know it must have been exhausting...

I never really understood why this didn't take off, Sam, but I for one am super excited about it still coming out, with that delicious cover!!

I'm so excited about this!!

Hey, might there be a PDF version with less black, for home printing? (Or maybe I can figure out how to have Acrobat invert some pages)

Oh my goodness I ADORE Button Shy Games!! I own so many of their little pockets, and can't wait to have a cute little Dungeon Hero pocket! Congratulations, this is so deserved ❤️


Nice little system!

I love random seeds, but I love them even more if they're tactile and feel a bit like a puzzle, each part influencing its neighbors, shaping a cohesive narrative...

Oooh lovey update! 😍 Time to re-print 😜

Cool, that's the feeling I had to, especially with the "Fiction First" philosophy. Thank you!

such a great premise…….


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I play this with my kids (7-y/o girl and 9-y/o boy), DM'ing the story, adding flavor to the descriptions and actions, and we all get so excited! They add flourishes to their moves, or narrate exactly how a certain move connected or missed, etc...

My son even came up with an animagus character that could only use certain powers when he was in a certain form (dragon or human), and the transformation itself was a trait, so had to be used wisely. He sadly lost that one during the boss battle, but enjoyed every bit of it!

We loved the adventures that start off by giving you random or chosen items, or the ones that force you to drop one item... In the pirate adventure, we named each member of our crew before they met their untimely end...

I own all 3 volumes and keep recommending them to all my friends 😜

I drew a template that we photocopy, and they love drawing all their gear and the treasure they pick up on the way.

Thank you so much for these moments...

So good. So depressing.

Beautifully written! Merci!

ZOMG you guys are awesome...

Man, I'm noticing SO many awesome improvements...! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

A "levels" node would be sweet, so that the output of "lighting" could be made to span the whole black-to-white spectrum, leading to less cramped use of "colorizer".

Or instead of "levels", just a simple input/ouptut to strech the image's min/max to black/white?

Yes, that took me a while to get as well ;P

Agreed. Some kind of node that could take the output of "Lighting" and expand it across black-to-white.

I've also just got the chalice left...
Revisited all spots, and I'm at a loss :(

Afraid to close the game, because I don't know if it'll store my progress :D

but WOW it's one of the sweetest little things I've played in a while :):):)

AWESOME program!!!

Some quick feedback:

  • Palette:
    • re-ordering the colors, especially if it defines the colorizer's picker later on
  • Colorizer:
    • the colorizer is definitely clunky to use, especially how it feeds from the palette, the absence of location value sliders, and the amount of clicks to a full color ramp
    • i ended up colorizing in Photoshop w/ a gradient map...
  • UI:
    • ability to preview the tile?
    • ability to move the canvas using the OS's "pan" (trackpad on laptops, for ex.) instead of needing additional key press.
    • ability to set resolution: can only fit 3 nodes side-by-side on my 15" Retina screen? I like the pixel aesthetic, but don't need them to be 4x...
    • ability to set values w/ keyboard instead of just sliders.