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A rules-lite solo rpg/hexcrawl around a decaying fantasy world you build as you play. · By Marc Cook

Wail launch & feedback Sticky

A topic by Marc Cook created Dec 31, 2021 Views: 373 Replies: 15
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The first version of Wail is now available. This is a feature complete game and is currently only missing the artwork. 

While I create the art over the next few weeks the Artless version is available with 20% off as a thank you to anyone who purchases it early. If you have any feedback or comments when trying Wail please feel free to post it here as I would love to hear it. 

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Hi Mark, how are you?

My name is Rodrigo and I was interested in Wail's proposal. I'm currently playing an adventure in this rpg about a young woman who woke up in a castle made of parts like the cogs of a large clock. I did the explorations of this world and I have already discovered interesting places. I have two questions I would like to share like you.

1) In some situations I felt the lack of an oracle to know details about the adventure, intends to add this device in an update or new version? 

2) One of the great mysteries of my game is Waycastle. Believes it makes sense to use the rules of exploration also for the castle? It made me think that an interesting adventure could turn precisely about exploring the castle's secrets.

Well, that's it for now.

Thanks for listening.


Hi Rodrigo. Thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it. Your castle sounds great and I hope you are enjoying your adventure and getting to explore your world.

I have been working on some additional tables and  oracles for the full release. Is there anything in particular you would like to see covered that would be helpful as you play? 

I think in regards to the Waycastle I may do some additional oracle tables to help better define it and the rooms within and maybe have some minor events or encounters. It was designed to be similar to hub locations in video games but definitely could be something larger if you feel it matches your world you are building. 

Thank you so much for sharing your adventure and thoughts, hopefully you enjoy the final release and the additional tables help guide your story! 

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On Page 20, the inhabitants chart, it notes 2d6, but only goes from 1 to 6. Is this meant to be 1d6, or is 7+ you don't find anyone?
Edit: Just realized that the second d6 is for the requirement. Might be better to have something like 1d6 x2 or the like to be more clear.


Thank you for this, I'm working on some edits at the moment and ill definitely see what I can do to make that more clear. 

Hey great game if been working on a similar core mechanic for my game but yours is so succinct and explained so well I love it, I’m playing a game now and really enjoying it but I feel like the landmarks need a bit more prompts with what is happening there. I may have missed something, would love to hear you view. I was also a little confused about how many key words a character was meant to start with. Thanks I’m really enjoying it just a few musings   


Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad youre enjoying it so far. 

I'll definitely see about adding some more prompts and definitions for landmarks or current events in those places, I'm doing a few additional tables to help with storytelling and defining the world but it's taking a little longer than I intended as I'm doing it around a new job. 

The character can also start with up to 5 items or keywords. I made it this way to give you some choices at the start, do you want a lot of skills that increase your dice pools or items that upgrade your rolls. I have written a small additional section about advancing your character and when to gain new keywords which will be in the final version. 

No worries its a great game and I’m really enjoying it, thanks for making such a great game.

Great to hear you are adding some prompts, I’v started to work on a few little hacks for it myself

I thought it was 5 keywords or items but just didn’t know if I was miss reading it

Good luck and can’t wait to see what else you put out and good luck with your new job I know how hard it can be


So far I am really enjoying this game, but sometimes I have trouble reading off a screen.  If it's not too much trouble, could you release a text only version without the dark backgrounds. That would make it more printer friendly.



Sure thing, I'm going to do an epub version but can also do this too. Is there any specific file type that would be helpful? Or would just a plaintext pdf be good? 



Plaintext PDF would work great for me. 


Plaintext PDF would work great for me. 



Plaintext copy is now available on the downloads!

Thanks! Looks good.

I’m playing my first game of WAIL and I’m confused about acquiring items - specifically, how do you do it? There are a few items mentioned in the random tables, but they feel like something that should show up more frequently (eg like after a combat or exploring a ruin).

I get that I could use just handle this as a story element, but it feels like something that could be handled through random tables.




Hi Ken, I usually do item checks as you'd said, during encounters, exploration and after combat. The tables on page 24 were designed so you could roll something from the Looting Table and then define it using the other random tables if you so wish.

I'm currently working on some additional content for WAIL so I'll definitely take your feedback into consideration though and see if I can update the item mechanic a bit!