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wow thanks that’s a massive compliment 

Thanks I hope you get a chance to play it. Thanks that’s so nice 😊 

Hey would love to hear what thoughts you have about the game.

Thanks Jesse

Awesome mechanic with the punk/ cyber, great game

No worries its a great game and I’m really enjoying it, thanks for making such a great game.

Great to hear you are adding some prompts, I’v started to work on a few little hacks for it myself

I thought it was 5 keywords or items but just didn’t know if I was miss reading it

Good luck and can’t wait to see what else you put out and good luck with your new job I know how hard it can be

Hey great game if been working on a similar core mechanic for my game but yours is so succinct and explained so well I love it, I’m playing a game now and really enjoying it but I feel like the landmarks need a bit more prompts with what is happening there. I may have missed something, would love to hear you view. I was also a little confused about how many key words a character was meant to start with. Thanks I’m really enjoying it just a few musings