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Really enjoyable!

Fun! I liked the pranks :p

This was pretty fun, but some things were unnecessarily difficult I think..  For example, at the start of a level, there is no way to tell where you're supposed to be going. The overview shown when you crash was really helpful though and helped me understand the level. Maybe show the overview before letting the player play?

Also, it was pretty much impossible to judge how much room I had left behind the truck which led to crash after crash which was frustrating!

The voice over was pretty funny, but I ignored it completely.

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Sure! I'll have it done in a few hours :)

Edit: ohh, actually I may have made a mistake. After doing the build for the jam I kept working on the game so it might not be possible to create the same build again. I'll see what I can do though.

Edit2: I updated the project page with links to Mac and Linux builds now!

This is very polished! I played through all the levels and then enjoyed trying to find the most effective solution to each one :) Graphics look great and the gameplay explains itself very well! The only thing I don't really get is the connection to the theme, but this theme was pretty difficult to wrap a game around i think. Really well done!

Thank you for playing! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get everything working in time for the deadline, which is why everything is a bit confusing! 

The idea is that you're a fighter pilot escorting squads of bomber planes. Each new wave of planes have a spy among them, which you have to shoot down before they start shooting down your allies. To spot them, you can look at their callsign which is shown at the bottom. Spy planes' callsigns end with two consonants, while allied planes end with a vowel and a consonant.

There's no losing condition implemented yet, but the idea was that you lose if you shoot down one of your allies. Other than that, just try to get a high score pretty much!

I'll try to make everything more complete tomorrow! :)

I also made my game alone, and by the time i had most of my mechanics done (yeah, four or five hours before the deadline) it was way too late to actually playtest, add feedback and sounds etc. I was pretty careful not to overscope but turns out i did anyway, and as a result i wasn't able to implement everything i planned for. I'm pretty happy with my game regardless as it turned out pretty fun and I learned a lot about coding and the design process. 


Great sense of humour! :D I enjoyed this.

Nice little game :) Running around the planet made me dizzy though

really cool!

Really fun little game! The timed keys paired with killing blocks stressed me out though. :p

i really enjoyed this!