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It is not discontinued; I am still working on it, but have faced quite a few problems that made me take much longer than I hoped to. Since developpment is slower than anticipated, I haven't posted much updates which admittedly is on me. I would give you an ETA on when I hope to finish it but I'll be 100% honest; I have no ideas. 

I don't intend on ever giving up on it, but given amongst other things my computer basically got fried with most of my backup files, it's probably going to be a small while still before I can update much.


I have noticed there already was a fix for this on steam when I looked it up, however it didn't explain how to actually fix it so I'm posting here to ask.

During the quest where I have to talk to Jeff Wings, I exhausted all topics but none of them involved the axe, and I can't seem to progress past it. I know there is a steam topic on it, but it seems it was fixed with an update there that may not have been brought here? Or the explanation on how to fix it ourselves was removed somehow.

Another thing I noticed was that some of the characters I could pursue a romantic relationship with had no more options to do so when I didn't go for it right away (I wanted to know who else could be interested before picking one). I don't know if it's a bug or a part of the game but I thought it would be good to brng it up as well.

Sorry I didn't see this! I'll hopefully be done with the part of the game I find really complicated to finish soon, so there should be an update incoming!

It's exactly where you should have put it, thanks for letting me know!
Turns out I did correct this bug for the early access version but forgot to do it for this version- whoops.
It should work fine now, sorry! 

Thanks for how precise you were, it really helped me find where I messed up and made this way easier than it could have been.

(And thanks for the spoiler warning, I appreciate it :) )

That was a really good game in my opinion, it was fun and interesting! The way it was written reminds me of the Horla by Maupassant or Edgar Allan Poe's work with the fantastic unexplained circumstances.

Since the game is still in developpment, there might be a few bugs me or my beta testers missed; if you find any, please report them here so I may correct them!