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Royal Wedding Quest!-Demo

The demo to an upcoming fantasy otome game. · By Maple

Bug report thread Sticky

A topic by Maple created Jun 20, 2017 Views: 169 Replies: 2
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Since the game is still in developpment, there might be a few bugs me or my beta testers missed; if you find any, please report them here so I may correct them!

Spoilers to anyone else reading this!

Hey! Your longer demo, when you decide to pick your own way to find your companions (after you went into the tower, and you finally stop for a bit) with Daniel, just loops. It's about where Daniel apologizes for his outburst, and you say you'll forgive him. (If it makes a difference, before this I said that he could have the money for flasks).

I hope this was an okay place to put it :)


It's exactly where you should have put it, thanks for letting me know!
Turns out I did correct this bug for the early access version but forgot to do it for this version- whoops.
It should work fine now, sorry! 

Thanks for how precise you were, it really helped me find where I messed up and made this way easier than it could have been.

(And thanks for the spoiler warning, I appreciate it :) )