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I got so addicted to Guenvere and I'm SO SAD that it's not anywhere close to done 😭😭

I just did Kea's route and loved it! Is there any plans for future content? Ex. like a prologue of the present (or maybe O just missed that)? Anyways, I loved the game!

I agree that commenting on the other VN wouldn't be fair to its creators, too, hence why when writing the part concerning it I was so hesitant for words.

I understand its hard to write something, too, but I just wish that she would give us an update, even if its something as simple as "Im alive. This project is on hold/almost done/whatever current state, etc. Please dont worry."

Does this mean that she's just ignoring this for the time being? Or ignoring it entirely, and plans to never pick it up again? Don't get me wrong, I usually don't believe that someone would just drop a project, especially after seeing so dedicated to it, but this makes me question it. I hope that she maybe forgot about it, or isn't getting any of these notifications, other than abandoning this project in favor of another that has the same genre. I also hope that if she's not doing anything there, too, that she is okay.

Maybe asking about Agashi on that other VN would get a response about how she is, but who knows what the response from the QC fanbase and the creator of the other VN would be. 

also i absolutely love his hair omg

I plan to leave a bigger comment after the last two routes, but I just finished Leopold's and not sure whether to laugh or cry. Laugh, because of the coup he's planning (and what I would love to see play out), or cry because of what happened to him. I didn't think I'd love him this much, but I do! I can't wait for the sequel, and honestly he's at the top of my list of love interests to select to play with first when it comes out. 

Spoilers to anyone else reading this!

Hey! Your longer demo, when you decide to pick your own way to find your companions (after you went into the tower, and you finally stop for a bit) with Daniel, just loops. It's about where Daniel apologizes for his outburst, and you say you'll forgive him. (If it makes a difference, before this I said that he could have the money for flasks).

I hope this was an okay place to put it :)