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Wow, good work! It's been forever since I had a chance to check this out, and you've made a ton of progress since then. I'm hoping to get a chance to try the new version soon!

I don't typically enjoy idle games, but this one is quite well done!

This is a pretty cool game, but I'm frustrated by the statue puzzle. I looked up the solution in the manual, but it still doesn't make sense. Where are the city, the castle, and the empty field? I think the city is in the north, since that's where the jester is facing. And I guess the castle is in the south, since that's where the gargoyle is. But then how does the soldier watch three travelers leave the city? Only the soldier and the merchant are in the north, but the merchant is heading north, toward the city, not away. And which three travelers are crossing the empty field? I'm guessing the empty field is in the middle, and so the dryad and the gargoyle would be crossing it, but that's only two. But then how does the gargoyle meet travelers arriving at the castle, if it's leaving the castle? And who is the crocodile chasing? It's literally the only statue facing west. Are the statues it's "chasing" not also heading west? So, it's not chasing them, then, is it? Maybe it's the jester and the gargoyle? If it's chasing them, and they're heading north, then shouldn't it be also heading north? Also, how is it implied that the sprite is heading south? I guess it could be one of the travelers the gargoyle meets, but that's only one, and the gargoyle meets three. So, who are the other two? I just don't understand.

I'm excited for the next version!

Here's a screenshot showing one instance:

Here's the save files:

I'll keep an eye out for more instances.

> There is some weird display issue that causes things like 1.01 to display when there shouldn't be. As far as I know, actual calculations are not affected, but I should probably get to fixing that either way.

I've definitely run into the problem several times where I was unable to make something despite having enough ingredients. Would it be helpful to screenshot such things, or send in a save file?

Fantastic game! It's been a while since I've checked in on your progress, and I'm excited for all the new stuff! I've decided to name all my characters after St. Patrick, because I *will* kill all the snakes :P

My only real gripe (other than snakes, which you are addressing) is that you seem to have a rounding error in your code? Sometimes I'll wind up with 1.001 of something. Or it'll say that I have 1.0 of something, but then I cannot make a recipe that requires 1 of that thing; my guess is that I actually somehow have 0.999 of that thing, but it displays as 1.

A few suggestions and nitpicks for down the road, if I may...

  • When skipping the intro, it'd be nice to have all of the stuff in the Heavy Purse done (stuff picked up, bartender talked to, first location acquired). That part is a bit tedious.
  • It seems as tho remapping the shift key doesn't work as intended. The other key doesn't make actions happen twice, and shift still does.
  • Tooltips in the journal would be nice, such as being able to see what other stuff can be made from a raw material when you see it in the Components tab.
  • Being able to pin a recipe, including which materials you plan to convert into ingredients, would be super helpful.
  • I know it's not the intended way to play, but an accessibility option to enable reloading would be helpful for various folks who struggle with the traditional rogue permadeath, like if you misclick and blow yourself up O.o

This is a very fun game, and I'm eagerly awaiting future progress :)

I voted for removing the small weapons altogether. Ideally, you'd just move them to the back, but I think body variety is cooler, especially with mutations. I'd even be fine with removing all weapons if necessary, but I think removing the small weapons is a good compromise.

Another option might be to only show certain weapons with certain body types? Like, if all the "normal" human sprites can easily display some weapons, but adapting them to all the possible mutations is a problem, then just show them for the first set of sprites, and remove them from the troublesome sprites.

Very cool concept, and solid execution.

Wonderful! Thank you again for such a thorough response! I appreciate you being willing to take the time to reply to my inquiries. It makes me anticipate future updates more, as well as helping me to better enjoy the game as is!

I don't want to take up more of your time that could be spent working on the game :P However, I really like little secrets like those you mention, but am not great at finding them. Perhaps you could eventually include some sort of hint system in the game? Maybe like a fortune telling npc that appears randomly on the map sometimes, and gives cryptic hints on how to find a new secret? I'd really enjoy something like that! Anyway, just something to think about :)

I started a new game, and noticed a few things that *might* be bugs.

  • I took the Psychopath trait, but I lost mood when I killed an insane kobold. Do I misunderstand what this trait is supposed to do, or is this a bug?
  • Billy was at Suong's house on my first day, so I went there, and saw a cutscene with her for the first time! I thought it was really cool! I've always encountered Suong for the first time outside of her house, so I've never seen it before. Is this intentionally a cutscene that doesn't happen in every playthrough, or is this an oversight? Maybe it only happens for Psychopaths?
  • I get the "Soon to be fat" achievement as soon as I look at a travel sign, and not the first time I actually fast travel. This has always happened, but I just now thought to mention it. Maybe that's how it's supposed to work?

After being mistaken about the glasses, I thought it prudent to double check all of these. I started yet another new game as a Psychopath. Billy was at Suong's and the cutscene happened, and then I went and killed an insane kobold and my mood was reduced. I got the "soon to be fat" achievement as soon as I looked at the sign, same as always.

Hmmm, I'm unable to reproduce the problem with the glasses, too. I suspect I must have reloaded my save at some point, but forgot I didn't have glasses then. I apologize.

Ah, that all makes sense. Thank you for such a thorough reply! I'm excited for more updates :)

I've befriended the kobolds, and have been avoiding the bandits so far. I had no idea at all that Mr. White was already in the game! Where did I miss the hint on how to get him to appear? Do the insane kobolds count toward the 50?

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Found another bug that seems to prevent me from making the magic pebbles. The rock refiner in Helena's room seems to work fine, but when I try to use the crafting station on the right, the game crashes.

Also, I was wearing glasses when I turned in the blood stone and got my initiate robes, and now they're gone :P

Finally got a chance to check out all the updates. Been having fun with it so far! Noticed a few bugs, tho:

  • Helena can't heal outside of combat any more. I don't know if this was an intentional change. When I go to the skills screen, and switch to her, Flesh Blood is grayed out and nothing happens when I try to use it. Also, Raise is able to be used outside of combat, but that doesn't make sense because allies are revived automatically outside of combat.
  • In the cave by the waterfall by the hideout, if you go down the stairs, and to the south end of the room, there is a nook. I thought there might be something there, so I pressed the interact button ("c" on my keyboard), but that threw an error and it crashed. This doesn't seem to happen elsewhere in the cave.
  • Leaving that same cave at night makes everything really dark, as if you were still inside the cave.

I haven't found a blood stone yet, which I think is what's necessary to learn magic. I'm excited to try that out. I think I've learned everything in the science skill tree, but I don't see a recipe for making syringes like the one you get as a reward from Tadeus, or anything similar. I was hoping to play around with mutation. Is there more to the science skill tree I haven't discovered yet? Does it require trial and error to discover more alchemy recipes?

Also, I mentioned the prices of alchemy ingredients and products way back when I first tried this game. I think you may have fixed things a bit so now one doesn't lose money making weak healing powder, but the prices still seem a bit wonky. I understand this probably isn't a priority, but I thought I'd lay out my observations.

  • Cata Plant and Reg Leaf are the most plentiful and easiest to come by. They sell for 5 each.
  • Corpse Weed and Razorbark are *significantly* more rare. Despite that, Corpse Weed sells for the same (5 each), and Razorbark actually sells for less (2 each).
  • Weak Healing Powder requires four ingredients that could be sold for 17 silver total. However, it only sells for 10 silver, much less than the raw ingredients could be sold for.
  • Weak Healing Powder can be bought for 20 silver, but with vendor discounts, it's very easy to obtain for 19 silver.
  • Therefore, selling the raw ingredients and buying Weak Healing Powder is only very slightly more expensive than making one's own.
  • Drowsy Hemp, Ocean Collard, and Fake Wintercress can be sold for 10 each. The ingredients for Bear Oil or Venom Flask could each be sold for 37 total. Bear Oil and Venom Flask sell for 75 each. That seems fine.

If you're interested, I think the simplest solution would be to just make Cata Plant, Reg Leaf, Corpse Weed, and Razorbark sell for 2 silver each. This would offer a strong incentive for the player to make their own Weak Healing Powder, both for their own use and for selling. It still wouldn't make a ton of sense that Corpse Weed and Razorbark sell for the same despite being much more rare, but oh well :P

This game has lots of potential. I'm very excited to try out the new version when I get a chance.

Yw! I am happy to do troubleshooting if you want. Just let me know what I should try.

Oh, fantastic! Thank you for the link to the documentation. It's very helpful!

Yeah, I expected to scroll up to zoom in, and scroll down to zoom out. However, it's backwards for me? Scrolling up zooms out, and scrolling down zooms in.

Very cool demo. I'm looking forward to the release!

Hi! This is very cool! I've been looking for something like this for a while. A lot of the other VTTs are too complicated, old, or defunct :-/

I found it difficult to figure out how to use, tho. A more thorough tutorial would be appreciated. Also, the map zoom seems to be backward? I'm on PC, btw.

Bug report: using copy after a stop sign uses stop turns their stop to go. then if they use go, and you use copy, the game freezes.

Cool game!

Fantastic! Looking forward to more development.

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oh, cool, thank you

I can't figure out any way to heal...

It is very inconsiderate to advertise your game here, and offer a free demo, but not to actually sell your game here. It costs money to host your demo, but they don't get any money from sales because you've chosen to make your game Steam exclusive. Also, it's just rude to use the indie game community for exposure, but then offer nothing of value in return. Either sell your game here (preferable), or just delete this page.

Very cool! I really like the idea of, like, crafting spells. I think that would suit the game very well. I prefer to wait several updates between trying in-dev games again, but I'm excited to play Sinathir again when I get around to it :)

very neat. too hard for me, tho :P

Very cool game. I got stuck at one part and had to look up a clue. Frustrated because I *did* try to search the bed by clicking on it a whole bunch, but I didn't click on the *right spot* so it didn't work :-/

Still, lots of fun. Surprise ending. Fantastic :)

This game has great potential! I am not aware of any games with this excellent combination of gameplay elements. It's like an RPG + life sim in one, which is a great combo, but it also has some base building, social mechanics with the NPCs, and survival elements without tediously depleting bars. The food system is particularly innovative.

It's far from finished, but definitely give it a shot to see if it scratches an itch you didn't know you had. The tutorial and help systems in game are very incomplete, but it comes with an excellent pdf guide. Even if you don't have the attention span to read it all at once, it works great as a reference when you run into something unfamiliar.

Ah, that makes sense. It's certainly not a high priority; I was just curious if it was intentional. I have a suggestion and a bug to report. I was going to send you an email, but since we're talking here anyway...

First, when Billy asks you to bring him 50 units of food for the "Papers please" quest, I was very confused, and it took me a while to figure out what he was asking for. I tried cooking 50 hard tack, and 50 meat, but he wouldn't take them. I think it would be more clear what his request is if you phrased it as something like "come talk to me when you have stored 50 units of food."

Second, if you enter the easternmost beach cave at night, then leave, the outdoors will be super dark. Entering and exiting another cave fixes it. I thought that this might be the case for every cave, but the kobold cave doesn't do this. I also thought that maybe it's just dark caves, but I checked the mine and it also didn't do it. So, it may be just that one cave.

Very cool game! I didn't realize this was all possible in RPG Maker. I'm addicted now, and will definitely follow your progress!

I am curious why early level alchemy is more expensive than simply buying the powders. The alchemy ingredients required to make a powder are each sold for 5 silver, so you'd be better off selling the four ingredients for 20 silver and buying a powder for 19 silver. Plus, in the case of the energy powder, selling the plants necessary to make the alchemy ingredients would get you 22 silver, which is an even better deal. Is it possible to make money at higher levels of alchemy?

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It's really crappy of you to advertise your game here, but not sell it here. Offering a demo here costs you nothing, but costs for hosting. If everyone put their demos here, but refused to sell here, then would disappear. You're taking advantage of and the indie game community without offering anything in return. It's super easy to upload games here, and the only reason not to do it is because you don't think we're worth the effort.

Cool concept. I hope there's more to come.

I think that's a great compromise. I plan to pay for OPS 2, because 1 is one of my favorite indie games! Also, I like to support itch.

The problem is that offering a demo here costs Littlewood nothing, but costs for hosting. If everyone put their demos here for free, but refused to sell their products here, then would disappear. It's not fair of Littlewood to take advantage of in this way, contributing nothing in return. It's very easy to upload games here, and the only reason not to is because they think we're not worth the time. It's inconsiderate, insulting, and potentially dangerous to do what Littlewood is doing.

Really crappy of you to advertise your game on, but sell exclusively on other platforms. Plus you only link to steam, not gog. You're taking advantage of the indie game community in order to funnel money into steam's pockets, and fuel the market's obsession with unnecessary and ineffective DRM. Way to be a jerk.

Fun little game! Took me a minute to figure out what was going on. I couldn't figure out how to make the bird happy, though :'(

Great game! I also had the problem where the item wouldn't function, but capping my fps at 60 fixed it.

Fun little game.

Hi, I figured it out. Sorry for the comment. If anyone runs into a similar problem, the solution is to go into Display Settings and set the Scale to 100% (Boot Camp increases it by default).

Hi, I seem to be having a similar problem. However, when I press "F" it remains in fullscreen, and moves the upper left. It's weird, because you can see the original screen in the background, and the screen after pressing "F" just shows up in the upper left.

I'm running it in Boot Camp on my MacBook because my Windows desktop is broken at the moment; so I understand if you can't help me. Once my desktop is fixed, I'll try playing it there. However, if you have an idea on how to fix it sooner, I'd be much appreciative.