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I think that's a great compromise. I plan to pay for OPS 2, because 1 is one of my favorite indie games! Also, I like to support itch.

The problem is that offering a demo here costs Littlewood nothing, but costs for hosting. If everyone put their demos here for free, but refused to sell their products here, then would disappear. It's not fair of Littlewood to take advantage of in this way, contributing nothing in return. It's very easy to upload games here, and the only reason not to is because they think we're not worth the time. It's inconsiderate, insulting, and potentially dangerous to do what Littlewood is doing.

Really crappy of you to advertise your game on, but sell exclusively on other platforms. Plus you only link to steam, not gog. You're taking advantage of the indie game community in order to funnel money into steam's pockets, and fuel the market's obsession with unnecessary and ineffective DRM. Way to be a jerk.

Fun little game! Took me a minute to figure out what was going on. I couldn't figure out how to make the bird happy, though :'(

Great game! I also had the problem where the item wouldn't function, but capping my fps at 60 fixed it.

Fun little game.

Hi, I figured it out. Sorry for the comment. If anyone runs into a similar problem, the solution is to go into Display Settings and set the Scale to 100% (Boot Camp increases it by default).

Hi, I seem to be having a similar problem. However, when I press "F" it remains in fullscreen, and moves the upper left. It's weird, because you can see the original screen in the background, and the screen after pressing "F" just shows up in the upper left.

I'm running it in Boot Camp on my MacBook because my Windows desktop is broken at the moment; so I understand if you can't help me. Once my desktop is fixed, I'll try playing it there. However, if you have an idea on how to fix it sooner, I'd be much appreciative.


Absolutely brilliant!

Fixed it! I recently had to reinstall windows (long story), and when I tried to run Eldritch, it popped up the same error. That made me think the problem was with my new Windows install, and not the game. After a bit of searching online, I found this question from a Windows user with the same error for a different game:

The answer was to download the DirectX End-User Runtime, found here:

I figured since it comes direct from Microsoft, it's probably safe. After running it, I tried Eldritch and NEON STRUCT, and both worked.

Sorry for the unnecessary post, but I hope it'll maybe help someone else in the future.

I installed and tried to run the game with the Itch app on Windows. It wouldn't run. Then I opened the folder and tried to run the game manually. An error popped up: "The code execution cannot proceed because XINPUT1_3.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem."

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but encountered the same problem. I even downloaded the game manually using a browser, unzipped it, and tried running it, but encountered the same error message.

Any help appreciated. I bought this in a bundle with Eldritch and Slayer Shock, both of which I enjoy quite a bit, so I'm hoping I'll get to try this one out soon. Thanks!

Excellent game! I'm excited to try for the other ending.

Thank you! I found it! I have no idea how I missed it; I remember looking there specifically. Oh well, thanks again.

Really great game. I really enjoy it so far. However, I cannot find the final upgradium in Reptarria: Heavy Metal Oasis. I keep going back and forth between the ninth upgradium and the finish of the the level, looking for something I've missed, but there's nothing. I've been looking for an hour, and still can't find it. Someone please help me.

Please how do I "swap guns to 'on' setting"?

I'm stuck. There's a locked door that says "Seems it needs a switch to be on." The only things that seem to be interactable are four lamps, but no matter which I turn on, the door stays locked.

Thank you!

I was climbing one of the magic stones in the witch city, when I glitched behind it. I found Mask and learned a new dance, but now I can't get out. When I reload, I end up back behind the magic stone. I suspect there's a magic song that will let me get past the stone, but I don't know it yet. Does anyone know how I can get out from behind this stone without having to start the whole game over?

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LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed with error -10810 for the file /Users/username/Downloads/

Thanks! :)

I didn't get an error, but it won't run on my mac, either. I just double click the app and nothing happens.

Wait, is this game steam exclusive? I use itch to avoid steam. This is the worst.