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Malisa Nash

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Hey, saw your post on reddit!  I just finished playing for a few minutes.

Visually, the game is really appealing! I love the sprites.  The shadow effects that you have on the house and trees are a nice detail, and I really like how the light around the lantern is handled.  I like the music as well, the loop is simple and created a good ambiance without being irritating after listening to it for so long.  The logo is also clever, when I saw it first I thought this would be some kind of creepy pasta.

I don't really understand how the streak system works? I'd plant and harvest all my seeds and get a streak bonus, and then do the same thing the next day and my streak would be ruined.  Is this an error on my part?

All in all, it's a really nice small game to have been made for a class!

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Wow Thanks so much! You comment made MY day! :)

We were all just regular undergrad students working on the game so no professionals here, but my script editor really appreciates the compliment!  The most you can do to support the game is to share it.  Thanks for telling your friends about it, and most importantly thanks for playing!

I'm so happy that someone really likes the game and that it comes across well.  It was difficult only having one semester to work on it so there were a lot of what-ifs.  Do you have any feedback on how I could make the game better?


I'm Malisa and this is my first time posting in the Devlogs lol!  Right now I'm working on a game called Redwood!  I'm working on it for a class at my university along with some programming majors.  We've been working on the game since January.

As for me, this is the fourth game that I've made!  I've been making games for two years now and I'm really proud of this one, so I'm excited to share it all with you!


Redwood is about a teenager named Trinity who sets out to find her missing friends.  Traveling into a mystical Redwood forest, she finds that her friends have been somehow overcome by some mysterious force.  The force causes the negative feelings that they have about themselves to be amplified.  Trinity must find each of her four missing friends and help them realize that they are more than just their negative thoughts.



Exciting Tetris Based Gameplay

Interactive Dialogue

Variety of Characters

Unique Visual Style


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