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Wow Thanks so much! You comment made MY day! :)

We were all just regular undergrad students working on the game so no professionals here, but my script editor really appreciates the compliment!  The most you can do to support the game is to share it.  Thanks for telling your friends about it, and most importantly thanks for playing!

I'm so happy that someone really likes the game and that it comes across well.  It was difficult only having one semester to work on it so there were a lot of what-ifs.  Do you have any feedback on how I could make the game better?

Hey, sorry for the late reply.... In terms of making the game better, maybe check the Tetris parts of the game? What I experienced  was that some Tetris blocks stopped rotating all of a sudden. I'm not sure if there's just a limit to the number of times we could rotate or what. If it's valuable information, I used the PC version of the game. :)