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Thank you for your feedback :) Yeah i agree with the UI it could really need a rework. I thought about placing the units too but as always theire is  just not enough time in a game jam ^^

They are the cost for repairing/upgrading the players health similiar to repairing the infected tiles. I sadly  didn't have enought time to make a tutorial :

Thank you very much ^^  The  little diamonds on the top show  your health. They also double as indicator how many dashes you have if they are full :)

Thank you for your feedback :) Yeah I need to polish some things.  I love that track too^^

Thank you :) Yeah the art needs improvement.

Thank you :)

Really nice game. It's easy to understand and it's fun with the increasing difficulty. I don't like the part with the only short appearing coins as i was quite surprised and couldn't do anything else as guess. The part with the moving coins is good. The timer soundeffect is a nice addition.

All in all a really good game so far :)

Nice little game. It's fun to play and as you wrote in the description it is still in developement. One thing that annoyed me was that you stopped jumping if you collected something, i don't know if this is a bug or intended but it doesn't feel so good. It might also be nice to have a warning for the thief as it feels a little unfair if you collect something at the edge of the screen and a thief spawns in your face.

But all in all it's a good game and already fun to play:) 

I really like the concept. I sadly can't test it with multiple people. With two people it isn't that interesting because you  only send the money to each other and you can't really decide anything. With more people you have more choices and it becomes more interesting. Maybe adding some additional gameplay would be nice to spice it up especially for two players. But for the short time it is a good game :)

A crosshair would really be a good idea and larger bullets too (as you are the 2nd one to mention it ^^).

Thanks for your feedback:)

Thank you:)

Yeah art isn't really my strenght ^^

Thanks for the feedback :) Yeah I had some problems with the limitation of 4 colors to make everything clearly visible.

Thanks for your feedback, im glad you enjoyed it :)

The gameplay is nice, but to repetitive . It's a solid base and quite polished. I really like the music and especially the art.

All in all a good game and with a litte more gameplay it could be quite awesome.

Really great game. Love the graphics and the atmoshpere. As other pointed out the jump doesn't work all the times which makes it quite frustrating. At some points in the levels you have to wait a little to long for the right moment to jump for my taste. But except for that the level design is good. I like how it kinda gets more puzzle like as you get older.

Hmm thats really strange. I can try to send you a different format if you want to. Thanks for the  rating.

Really nice game. I ike the idea. A singleplayer mode with an simple ai would be nice so you can also play it alone. The music and visuals are great.

A great little game. The music is simple but fits really well. At first i didn't know the controlls. It would be nice to show them in Survival like you did in Versus. I imagine the Versus Mode with friends could be awesome, but i can't test it at the moment.