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SOOOO COOL!!! i love the clay graphics and the puzzles are really well done.

the art and the concept are great but i think it could use a little balancing, i found it a bit too easy to hire everyone and energy was never really a concern

the graphics are really nice and the jump animation is so smooth!!

Though there were a few bugs here and there, overall I really enjoyed the game! I like that you have to experiment with the items and theres so many combinations of how you can use them. the final solution felt really satisfying.

thanks for the tip! you're absolutely right about the obstacles, both the heaps and logs cause you to lose a life but we should have added animations when you hit them :(

Thank you!!

the character designs are great! each of them interacts with the level in a really interesting way :)

i like the auto navigation of the frog and the art is really cute! The quests are fun to do as well.

The logs are supposed to only be avoidable by swinging, not sure if they stopped spawning :( But thanks for the tip!

im not sure if the game bugged out but the logs are supposed to only be avoidable by swinging! thanks for the tips!

a bit confusing to learn but i had fun!! theres something so funny about seeing the frog ball roll around

very polished. i like the berries (?)

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the animation is super smooth and i enjoyed the minimalistic graphics!!

i like the cute and simple graphics! the sokoban town concept is very cute. however there should be a function to skip dialogue, it is kinda slow and you can accidentally retrigger it :(

the graphics are so cute and simple!!! 

really cute little game :) he likes his soup <3

The art style and concept are so perfect!!!

ohh i'll go and try again !! thanks for making such a great game :D

i am absolutely in love with this game. its so charming and well made!!! but i am stuck  forever at the finding the glasses minigame :(