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Yeah, just noticed that question from Drunk Bunny .  Didn't see that we couldn't use mouse coordinates owellz...  It should be kinda of like an angry birds style "fling".

+ 1 Double plus good idea!

Good Day Fellow  1-Button Jammers |  My WIP PONG SPLORIA UNLEASHED

Wanted to integrate a thrust limit, refuel station and powerups. I didn't have time to implement those yet though.  I went kinda crazy experimenting with different gravity points so it is what it is 0.o  Look forward to playing every bodies game.

Awesome sprite sheet. Great quality as usual :)

Thank you sir for taking the time to play test and review.   Yeah I was messing around with the physics engine and the movement is all "impulses".  Oh wait till you see what I did after figuring out the area2d gravity points lol.

Thank you sir for taking the time to play test and review. Good points.  I just figured out how to zoom in and out through GDscript today lol so the next iteration that should be fixed.  Yeah I was messing around with the physics engine and the movement is all "impulses". 

fire BALLS

A lot of nice games here.  Tried to leave comments and rate everyones game.  Gonna switch over to the evil beast windows 10 to play Joe Hanna's game in a few :D

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Hello fellow Godoteer!!!. Like the parallax background, loaded quick.  

I'm really digging Godot too.

+1 for ball cam.  

Like the bouncy animations!

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Thanks for the review and play test.  Good Idea,  I'll have to look into zooming the camera.  Should be pretty easy something like.

if pong.global_position > screen_size:

    zoom camera out

Pseudo code lol cause I just started with Godot.

Awesome.  Every one knows you need warhammers or maces to bash skeletons though.  The shurikans would just get stuck.

+1 Art looks like Mad Magazine and Mike Judge Stuff.

Thanks for taking the time to play and review.  Yes the movement is floaty. I was playing around with the physics process in Godot so it's not moving with Vector2D() rather the physics "impulses". Should prolly change that. Yeah the game is frustrating lol.  Really appreciate the feedback.


You can "fling" PONG with the mouse button too, angry birds style. :D

Kinda late now but here's a nice physics tut for Godot too. Get up and going in about 15 minutes.  Plus Godot is only like 30 megs ;)

Still have to add the reverse vectors on collision but that's pretty easy.

Looks awesome.  Combos FTW

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Thanks,  finally uploaded the (semi)finished prototype.  Not quite happy with how it turned out but it was a good learning experience.  I had destructable blocks implemented but they lagged the game down so much I had to abandon that for this iteration.  I also wanted to do boss battles at the end of each "Biome".  That didn't happen either.  Any who I'm calling this entry done for now.

Here's the Link.



Sprites used are from a "breakout" pack from  I've been trying to find the link.

I would recommend "Kids Can Code",  Chris Bradfield(?)s site on Pygame and Godot engine.
The physics bodies tutorials specifically.

Nice,  I think concept art is the key to good design process.

Awesome, like the concept of writing everything out.  

Awesome,  I like the idea of drawing out the plan.

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Wanted to post earlier, yet got caught up in the daily grind. Really enjoy the idea and concept of this game jam. I will write a tutorial here soon about how to do all this in teh Godot engine. I learned a lot about the physics engine on this project.

Gonna get PONG SPLORIA uploaded tomorrow after I finish up some stuff on it. I posted a teaser below( hope they show up) and a "mock press release".

PONG SPLORIA | Remake of the Retro Classic PONG | New 2018 Indie Game

You awesomely break away from the constraints of Y movement. You take it on your self to undertake the fantastic journey of the combined X and Y axis’s. Now you must get to the upgrade facility to get upgrades. PONG is your eyes. You are PONG’s mobility. You and your trusty PONG will have to make this journey together. Can you help your trusty ally PONG to get to the upgrade facility?

The retro classic PONG is brought back in 2018 with cutting edge music and graphics. PONG SPLORIA is a tribute to the Grand Daddy of all video games PONG. Now the paddle and PONG are not limited to Y axis movement. Break away and experience true 2D game play with the classic PONG feel in PONG SPLORIA.


Music by Flint Custom
SEO by Flint SEO company

 PONG SPLORIA was developed and made with the excellent(and free) open source GODOT.

Coming soon to a gaming device in your neighborhood.

Awesome PO TA TOES!

Awesome, PO TA TOES! 

Thank you Sir, for enjoying my first game.

But, what about the Orc Ninjas?