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I am already working on it.. Thanks for playing✌

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Love the concept! Great ingame interactions

Nice game, just work on design...

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Let's rate every game in the jam! till number of rates on every game are almost similar. I notited the huge difference between top rated games and least rated games . Lets start rating from least rated so equality is maintain .  Also many users don't have any audience to show there game.. Let's help everyone

What's your opinion?

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Liked the game's environment and controls.

Glitch:- Got stuck  many times 😔 when  enemy &player dashed!

Great game, i think controls should have been better. 

I came up with similar idea, try it out...

Not same as you are describing but in this game one player(user) controls both characters at the same time.


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Thanks for sharing you views, if you want to collab catch me up on discord anytime...

Nice to see that a beginners made this  game! ✌

I think Jump And Running Speed are little bit off, But other than this game is amazing!

Just make a build for android too.

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Amazing Game, just music is little horror-ry. Wonderful way to control the player. Graphics are well integrated with surrounding.

One person can submit and include name& credits

Amazing Game! Simple Graphics, Great Gameplay :-)

I want to but i am away from my computer!!?😭😅 I will surely checkout...

I added minimap but it's not doing the job it was added😅

Thanks btw :-)

Thanks, i will definitely look after all points given by you...

I also realised that it's frustrating that there is no quit button! I will surely add it in next game jam.. ;-)

Same here

Thanks for feedback, i will definitely improve my game making skills... Also thanks to your little brother for playing my game.

✌ great illustration 😂