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the world is analogue

Thats awesome! Thank You for Your hard work.

This is the most awesome thing ive seen on gb studio

Thank You for pointing me in the right direction.

I was investigating the ability to implement search box for dropdown menu for easier exploration of methods and parameters. Cause now its kinda pain when you manage to find something in a big list and it closed because youve moved a mouse a little bit. I would contribute some extensions for quick gameplay prototyping like Unity input interfacing.

This asset is marvellous, Ive been trying to create something similar for my students and as a productivity tool for repetitive tasks but ive stumbled upon Your version and its beautifully usefull. Could I extend it with the code ive made myself and fork it on github?

Whoa, this is like watching someone rise from dead.

The best thing since sliced bread

well, superpowers is still one of the most ambitious and innovative engines and wysiwyg editors for webgl based games, other being nunustudio or the core threejs,
with current surge in webgl based games and apps (due to cross platform at heart nature of webgl) and most recently WebXR Superpowers could really come back shining.


Beautifull peace of work!

Is Superpowers gonna update its 3d standard to newest version of gltf, Ive heard a lot of good things about it and its looking like a best game asset standard to date. Definitely worth knowing :