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Anyone still actively using this?

A topic by Polygonic created Mar 26, 2018 Views: 315 Replies: 6
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I loved the whole idea of superpowers, it was a great implementation of a great idea, and it really is a shame to see that it's died off.

I'd like to know, is anyone still actively using superpowers, or is it really dead?


Still using for my hobby:)


Yeah, just messing around with it is pretty fun, and a good way to learn/prototype.

I just wish there was an official discord or something. Would be a much better way for persistent chat because it stores all history, even when you're offline, and a lot more people use it and will be more likely to be running that in the background than superpowers or an IRC client.

That's a good point actually, maybe I could start up an unofficial one and post an invite link on the forums here?


Would be a lot better if it were official, so they could maybe also include a link in the app itself with an update or something. An unofficial one would be a lot harder for people to find.

Agreed, I would love an official one, but I don't really see it happening sadly.

Has it really died off? That'd be a real shame. I'm thinking about using it for a serious project soon and all I really is desktop support. From what I'm gathering this tool is super extendable so no need to be worried since you can always just update it yourself.