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Haha, sorry for the near heart attacks. Good suggestion - maybe one for the if I can get round to it sequel "Get Me Out Of Here Too!".

Hi, thanks for playing! Hold Z or K and use WASD or the arrow keys to cycle through the different structures.

Thanks! No, it wasn't and I've never played the game but I can see why you might think that.

Yeah, you're right - it's not ideal. The game should probably have a way of judging the levels it generates so it can reject ones where it's likely to take very few or an excessive amount of turns to find the exit. This is definitely something I'd want to look into if I develop the game any further but I didn't have time to do this for the jam.

Tnanks for playing and for the suggestion - I'll certainly look into it.

Thanks for playing!

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Already replied to you on Twitter but for other people's benefit I'll repeat them here:

Stop - "Stop", "Wait" or "Halt"
Start - "Carry On", "Go" or "Proceed"
Left - "Left"
Right - "Right"
Turn Around - "Around", "Go Back" or "Reverse"

Some may work more reliably than others.

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Thanks Phillip - it was such a awesome idea for a jam I couldn't resist. Yeah, agreed - it would be cool if you received some sort of reward for knocking other bikers out. Wow, that's a great score! Aw, thanks for saying so, that means a lot. :)

Great score! Thanks for your kind words. :)

Thanks! Nice score.


Haha, I know what you mean! Thanks for playing. :)

Hmmm, I'm unsure. I don't think hidden information is always detrimental to gameplay. I also think that if you're paying attention to the shield visuals it is obvious that opening a single valve to one shield charges it so much quicker than if you've got all the valves open charging all the shields. Maybe the potential player uncertainity you mentioned would be mitigated by adding the UI elements I mentioned in my other response which should make the charge level of a shield and its rate of change more readable.

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Thanks! Yeah, I had originally planned on having a UI element (bar or text) to represent the shield charge level but ran out time to implement it.

If the single remaining city was invincible the game would never end and for simplicity's sake this version is designed to be unwinnable - you will always lose, the only thing that changes is how quickly you lose. I definitely think there's something in having the power available be related to how many cities you have remaining but again there wasn't time to implement a mechanic like that for the jam. Yeah, I agree that the projectiles look too much like meteors in this version - I think changing them to be more obviously artificial would make more sense with the re-targeting mechanic.

Yeah, I think I've got some ideas about how to develop the idea further.

Cool idea and I really like the minimalist flat graphical style. Maybe there needs to be some tweaks to the physics 'feel' but otherwise I can certainly see this being developed further.


Everything about this is great and it's such a polished game for a 48 hour jam. Definitely something I want to see get a full release!

Very cool idea. Can be a little frustrating but this doesn't detract from the overall awesomeness. Definitely has potential for further development.


Thanks. Yeah, I was unsure whether something like that would be spoon-feeding the player too much. I kind of like that players have to discover it for themselves (as you have obviously done).

KNOWN BUG: Depending on the order in which the cities are destroyed you may find that as you progress valves give power to the incorrect shields which kinda breaks the game. Unfortunately as I identified this bug after the deadline I can't update this version. You can play a version with just that bug fixed here: 

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Never mind, ignore me! I see now that it's a randomised selection (I was looking on mobile). Refreshed a few times and it appeared. Thanks again! :)

Thanks so much! I don't see it there though - does it not show up straight away or might I have missed it already?

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Play free in browser here:

Surge Breaker is an action-strategy resource management game with tower defence elements.

Transfer into a host system at one of five trials sites and obliterate the crawler menace by detonating an energy bomb as quickly as possible. The host system is defenceless by itself but through the recovery of precious energy cells and scrap you can build and power various useful structures.

Please note that audio is not currently supported in Internet Explorer. Music is not currently supported in Safari and potentially Edge. We recommend you use Chrome or Firefox.

Yeah, I actually made the ship specifically slow to manoeuvre in some, possibly misguided, quest for accuracy when I first started development and I probably should've dropped that feature! I entirely agree that the land is terrible, truth be told I ran out of time to do anything more than that unfortunately. Regarding the ships, it's pretty simple really. You draw a set of top-down sprites that represent slices through the object, then offset each slice from the bottom up by -1 in the Y direction. You then just have them maintain their relative position to each other and rotate together. That's probably a terrible explanation! I've pointed people in the direction of this tutorial before, it's specific to gamemaker though (which I don't actually use) but might be helpful: :) Thanks for playing and running the jam!

A really neat, well polished game with a simple but enjoyable conceit.

Thanks! Yeah, the wind is entirely random so it can sometimes be blowing in an extremely unfavourable direction for leaving the first port - maybe it shouldn't be able to do that.

Wow, your graphics are incredible! This has just a great style and feel to it - best entry I've played so far.

I like the mechanic of activating the boost by letting go of accelerate even if it is a bit counter-intuitive at first! Cool little racing game.

A  nicely addictive tower defence game with a cool and unique thematic twist - I really liked it!

Thanks so much for you kind words - I think it was probably too ambitious! I entirely agree that it's rather unstructured and unintuitive right now. There definitely needs to be some in-game guidance and explanation, especially at the start. I also originally intended to have keyboard control for the trading overlay but decided I could implement mouse control much quicker so just went with that - it's certainly not ideal.