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Wow, that's the highest score I've ever seen! Nice one. Ha, yeah, I've never been beyond 10km so the game may well just break down from that point on.

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Thanks! So it's basically just an invisible object floating in front of the camera. I then check to see if it's overlapping the switch. It's not a perfect solution and there was a lot of fiddling to get it working acceptably! Hope that helps. :)

Yeah, 3. Thanks!

Thanks for the honorable mention Darenn and for your kind words. :)

Thanks for playing. Unfortunately it was a requirement of the jam to be 64x64 resolution... However the good news is that there's a super special secret cheat code to increase the res to 128x128 if quadruple the number of pixels will make it more palatable for you! Just press the 1, 2 and 8 keys together when you're in the game proper (not at the start or control screen).

Thanks Darenn! You and some other people mentioned about a map or some other way to orient yourself so I added one. :) I figured a map as part of the environment was most in keeping with the rest of the game.

Needle & Frost is beautiful!

Thanks so much for playing, it was great to watch. Yeah, the game is intentionally quite tough. :)

Thanks for the playing - it'd be amazing if Markiplier played it! *fingers crossed* Also, what's your address? I have your replacement underpants.

Thanks for the playing!

Thanks for playing and your feedback - both of those issues are things I'm considering changes to for a post jam version of the game. :)

Thanks for playing! :)

It was great, thanks so much for playing. :)

It was great, thanks so much for playing. :)

By obtuse I mean that it's not always  obvious where you need to go. That's not necessarily a bad thing in a game but I just felt it didn't chime with the otherwise very chill vibe of this game. Particularly I'm thinking about the chicken here - unless I missed it, it's not telegraphed what obstacle it can traverse. The other early example I can think of is how the lever for the light isn't active until you've had the dialogue trigger it.

Ah, yes, my bad - I think I was using Firefox.

When standing your movement speed is slightly higher than the monster's top speed so unless you're cornered it should be possible to run away and then sneak from where you ran to, though I have to admit that in the heat of the moment it can be very easy to panic and not get it right! I haven't seen anyone mention this but you might also want to try throwing the flasks at the monster... Thanks for playing :)

Visuals are great with the main character's animation being a stand out - it is so beautifully fluid for such a tiny resolution. Gameplay is overall very good and I'm amazed how much variety you managed to include. Audio was also spot on. I occasionally found the control of the character to feel a bit 'off' and they did something unexpected and it was also not immediately clear that checkpoints needed to be reactivated which caused some initial frustration. I think those are minor issues though for such a polished and extensive game made in only two weeks! Great job.

Just in love with the visuals of this game, they work so well at such a low resolution while still being very evocative. The gameplay is super chill but I did find it a little obtuse at times which seemed a bit at odds with the chillness.  Noticed some minor issues with audio - missing sounds and sometimes the music didn't loop - but that's very nit picky of me! Overall just a great game. Also, a fellow Construct user *high five*

Nice! Shivers is good. Thanks for playing :)

Yeah, I actually originally intended to have a puzzle in the game (about power rerouting to get a lift online) but unfortunately I just ran out of time and it ended up being cut. Frankly, it was touch and go whether this version would be ready for the deadline! Thanks for playing :)

A perfect pocket Metroidvania game which looks and sounds superb. Just great.

Thanks for playing!

A very polished game. Great to look at and listen to, fun to play. The flame sprites are just *chefs kiss*.

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The bounciness of the car feels really good and there is a great sense of speed. Occasionally it's a bit hard to judge where the road is going if there is a particularly nasty combination of peaks and troughs but the feel kept bringing me back to try again!

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Sector 4096 is my entry into LOWREZJAM and as horror games are popular here I figured it might have a wider audience than just the jam participants. It's a 3D stealth horror game and due to being a LOWREZJAM game it has a resolution of only 64x64!

You'll need to escape the sector by finding keycards to unlock doors while avoiding whatever is in there with you.

Sound is important to play this game effectively.

Play it in browser here:

Enter if you dare...

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it. :)

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Yeah, you have to find the keycards but their location is somewhat randomised. Fun fact: the door opening and closing sounds were originally a recording of my vacuum cleaner! Unfortunately 3D lighting isn't an option in Construct so I couldn't try it but I agree that it may not have worked at such a low resolution anyway. Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks for playing!

Ha, thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!


That's great news, thanks for playing! :)  Oh, and the ball is definitely in there.

Haha, yeah, gotta keep the tension up! Good to hear you got to the end - thanks for playing! :)

Haha, sorry for the near heart attacks. Good suggestion - maybe one for the if I can get round to it sequel "Get Me Out Of Here Too!".

Hi, thanks for playing! Hold Z or K and use WASD or the arrow keys to cycle through the different structures.

Thanks! No, it wasn't and I've never played the game but I can see why you might think that.

Yeah, you're right - it's not ideal. The game should probably have a way of judging the levels it generates so it can reject ones where it's likely to take very few or an excessive amount of turns to find the exit. This is definitely something I'd want to look into if I develop the game any further but I didn't have time to do this for the jam.

Tnanks for playing and for the suggestion - I'll certainly look into it.

Thanks for playing!