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Yeah, I actually made the ship specifically slow to manoeuvre in some, possibly misguided, quest for accuracy when I first started development and I probably should've dropped that feature! I entirely agree that the land is terrible, truth be told I ran out of time to do anything more than that unfortunately. Regarding the ships, it's pretty simple really. You draw a set of top-down sprites that represent slices through the object, then offset each slice from the bottom up by -1 in the Y direction. You then just have them maintain their relative position to each other and rotate together. That's probably a terrible explanation! I've pointed people in the direction of this tutorial before, it's specific to gamemaker though (which I don't actually use) but might be helpful: http://www.like100bears.com/writing/2d-3d-in-gamemaker-studio :) Thanks for playing and running the jam!

A really neat, well polished game with a simple but enjoyable conceit.

Thanks! Yeah, the wind is entirely random so it can sometimes be blowing in an extremely unfavourable direction for leaving the first port - maybe it shouldn't be able to do that.

Wow, your graphics are incredible! This has just a great style and feel to it - best entry I've played so far.

I like the mechanic of activating the boost by letting go of accelerate even if it is a bit counter-intuitive at first! Cool little racing game.

A  nicely addictive tower defence game with a cool and unique thematic twist - I really liked it!

Thanks so much for you kind words - I think it was probably too ambitious! I entirely agree that it's rather unstructured and unintuitive right now. There definitely needs to be some in-game guidance and explanation, especially at the start. I also originally intended to have keyboard control for the trading overlay but decided I could implement mouse control much quicker so just went with that - it's certainly not ideal.