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Thanks for the kind words! And I totally agree. Would have loved to have more moving components throughout the levels (and some other obstacles to slowly introduce difficulty). I always get too caught up in mechanics and look, and leave level design until the end of jams though and this was no different. A tale as old as time hahaha. 

haha the eternal struggle! By the end of the weekend I was so good at flying the little dude around that I was worried the controls were too easy. Thanks for checking it out!

Super chill! Really love the subtle animations on things and the feel/vibe is VERY polished. Also VERY c h i l l

I appreciate that! After playing it so much over the last 48 hours I've gotten pretty good with the little guy and was actually worried that it's gotten too easy to control! Thanks for the feedback

this is the best game I've ever played

Thanks! There's a lot of custom shader stuff going on in there, so I'm not sure how WebGL would handle URP and shadergraph stuff.

When the jam  lifts the ban on uploads I'm going to revisit a bunch of stuff (bugs, mac and linux builds), so I'll definitely give WebGL a go !

Just in case anyone can't figure out the rules (I could have been more clear in game)

- Shoot hearts at cephalopods who are larger or smaller than you

- when they're the same size, run in to them and they'll follow you


Thanks again for the kind words everyone! What a great community we have here on

Nice snappy platformer controls! Looking forward to seeing where this one goes!

Great little game! Those snakes have tons of personality

what a fun little game! the graphics are really charming, and the sound suits them perfectly

thanks for the kind words! 

The gameplay rules are posted on the main game page @ !!! Hope that helps!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for the kind words! 

Now I just need to crank up the 'fun' factor. Not sure exactly what to do with these fun little space-squid.

Love it! It reminds me that old Ebaums World game City Jump. I spent hours with that game

Love it! It reminds me of one of the programming-based mini games from that old Sierra puzzler "The Island of Doctor Brain"

Great Work!!

my life was changed, just like you said.