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the rules say "

You are allowed to use media that is not subject to copyright."

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Are you alowed to use multiple 1-bit colour palettes in the game or can you only use a single one? I wanted to make it so that the colour palette can change in the middle of the game to a different colour palette(I'm not going to use them at the same time). Would that be allowed?

That sounds like it would violate the rules

unique idea, good execution. I don't like it that much but that's just because i'm bad at the game. my only advise is to maybe make it slightly easier so see what objects are fake. there is this one rectange outline object and it's kind of hard to see if it is fake.

probably the best game i have played for the gamejam. the controlls are tight fast, the graphics are beautifull and i like the contrast between the glowing blue dungeon and the red mage and the polish is amazing. my only very slight problem with the game is that the last level felt a little too long(thats probably my fault for just being bad at puzzle games, but still)

love the way the monster hints at what attack he is about to do but i think the player moves too slow compared to the mosters attack. this leads to some situaltions were you're going to get hit no matter what you do

pretty good. my main critic with the game is that there isn't enough hard choices. there is no reason to not press e all the time. if there are trees ou walk to them. if you have wood you light the fire. if your sanity is low you go into the tent. there is never a situation where i had to  think "should i cut a tree or should i go take the fish" because it's either obvious or it doesn't matter. maybe try trad offs for all the choices for example maybe make it so that you can't move when cutting wood making getting wood a worse choice in some situations.

the weird double jump is an issue with howi made the coyote time.

amazing graphics, fun to play, gameplay is great and i feel like this could work great a rythem game. i also like how the walls also show you when you can hit the enemys

the jump feels a little too low for the size of the tiles and spikes to comfortably be able to jump over them. the hitboxes of the spikes are in my opinion too big. it's normal to make things like spikes in games heavily favor the player. so and making making the hitbox of things like spikes smaller hitboxes for the player crushing enemys very large is normal. I also think it would be good to launch the player slightly upwards when jumping on the slimes for extra feedback.(I feel like i sound very negativ but im just trying to help)

the game doesn't work properly for me. sometimes i would just be unable to pickup items or shoot my gun. from what i've seen the game looks good and the atmosthere is great but i can't rate a game that i couldn't actually play without is getting bugged out after a few minutes of playing

really good juicy feel but the shooting isn't  that good. the shooting rewards players who are better at clicking the mouse faster. try making it so that you can only shoot a number of times a second or maybe make it so you can hold the button to shoot at max speed without having to mash the mosue button.

game is a little basic and short but the art and sound design is amazing

I really liked the player controller. it feels great. maybe a little floaty but is so good. visuals are pretty good, i like how the player has a jump animation even though he has a very simple design. but i gott stukk at the code. can you explain how to find the solution.

its a little too close to a game jam game made by brackeys a while ago. other than that maybe try making the bullet bills that are actually blocks move the player with them.

liked the game, controlls were solid. i actually really liked the vector art style of the player, bridge and switch but the ground textures didn't fit in with the vector art. i think a slight problem with this game is how basic it is. the controlls are mostly very basic same with the level design and the only thing that i feel was very special about the game, the double jump mechanic feels a little bit like a bug that you just said is actually a feature. maybe make the second jump somehow diferent from the first to make sure that it doesn't feel unintentional. overall great but a little too forgettable (and the ground texture is also kind of bad)

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the  shot points always send you towards them. if you're under them they send you up. if above they send you down same with left and right.

the orbs always send you towards then. if you're under them they send you up. if above they send you down same with left and right. so basically the reason you were forced to the ground was because you used it while being above it.

 Congratulations on beating it, glad you enjoyed it.

I personaly really liked the way the jump felt but the game felt kind of empty because there was no sound.

great idea but the execution was only ok. the turnbased battle part of the game was too easy and the i didn't really have to think about what i should do next also the text in the combat was a little slow. the minesweeper part was way too slow moving with keys instead of using the cursor was a lot slower and it was like there was delay between perssing the buttong to check a tile and actually checking it . #EASEREGG

I already added a lot of buffer and coyote time too the jump.

love the color scheme and creativity but the game needs a lot more juice. i would add some camera shake and better hit sounds.

try not putting a reset function to the space bar. i always rest my thumb on the space bar and pressed it by acident so many times

actually a really good tip. thanks

loved the art, the time between pressing the button and the eye openening or closing.  maybe change the key used to open or close the eye to a key that you press with the right hand so that you kan move right and close or open the eye at the same time

love the simplicity and the little trail behind the ball when you jump but the colours look sleightly akward.


I like the simple graphics and the idea but the holes in the floor that just killed the player were annoying and did this game really need a timer

here you go

love the visuals and atmosphere. the dash is also really juicy. hope you continue working in this

probably the best use of the theme in the whole jam

interesting and fun idea exeuted really well, maybe make the player a little faster.

the button to start the game doesn't work

the game is a too hard. maybe add some animations to the enemy that show what he is going to do and make the attacks a little slower so that it's possible to avoid them even it you dont have that much experience playing bullet hell games and then make it more dificult over time

it just a thing windows does with pretty much every game. just ignore it