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Thanks for posting! Just re-uploaded and fixed.

This game is super fun. Manages to set a tone with very simple art. Great game mechanic. I would totally play way more of this, and I would love to watch people do crazy speed runs of a full game of this!

Nice clean art style. This would make a great mobile game.

Awesome. One of my favorites of the jam. Great job in all categories and fun to play. Keeping the dead bodies from previous runs in your path was a great idea and cranks up the tension if you mess up in the same place a couple of times. Nothing is as deflating as having to quit a level cause you can't get past a wall of your own frozen failure!

Very cool. Nice polish with visual heat effects. Feels like there's interesting opportunities for strategy in the gameplay.

Nice art style. I like the retro feel. Gameplay mechanics felt good.

I like the retro art style and the lighting. The player platform collisions felt a little awkward, and sticky when I jumped into them from the side or below. I like how at the beginning of every stage I can choose to run to just run to the left and off to my death! Haha!

Very cool artwork. The quest UI covers a lot of the screen. You could still get all that info across to the player with a smaller UI to show off more of your cool level art. Or maybe only show the quests when it's relevant (i.e. at the beginning of the stage and when you're picking up eggs)

Interesting application of theme.

Fun and challenging. Well balanced.

Nice interpretation of the theme. I like the calculator character art!

Haha. Great story.

Cool. Would make for a super fun mini-game in an open-world fps.

Great ambience. I like games where I can't just plow through enemies, and I'm forced to be evasive.

Widows version now fixed.

Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks for the notice. Looking into it

Tested out the Mac build (both regular and Hyper mode). Everything ran great!