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I enjoyed the unique combination of piloting the ship while collecting stuff with the claw. The small HUD of the map at the bottom of the screen was a great idea and well executed. Tetris and Gameboy are just so synonymous that the tetriminos and the music fit so well. Great work!

Great work! The gameplay is well rounded and robust. Tons of depth for a jam game. Good job!

Great work for a first ever game! I think you have something interesting that you could definitely build upon. Adding obstacles/enemies would make the game more dynamic. You could also have things that you need to consume that try to avoid you. Being able to chase things down would be really satisfying. There's really lots of ways you can go with this, but as I said, I think you have a solid foundation to build upon with what you've made. Great work!!!

Thanks for playing and commenting! The music took me a while to get the right feeling I was going for. I'm glad you enjoyed it. My hard work paid off!

I really liked this! The story of the kid wanting to go to space was charming and cute. The art was great and very well suited to the tone. I liked how the background evolved as you got closer to space. Having the cookies spread out in the level off of the main path was a good idea, as it encouraged me to explore more to find them all. The lag issue is unfortunate, but by the time it was starting to become an issue, I was so charmed by the game that I was going to preserve through it to get to the end. Bonus points for making the title screen climbable! It's a minor thing, but I love little easter eggs like that. Great work!

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback. I'm glad you liked it! I'm really proud of how the game turned out, especially the art, so I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you so much for your feedback! I totally understand wanting to grant multiple wishes. Originally that was the plan, but then I thought that if you could grant unlimited wishes, then really there was no reason not to grant wishes outside of just wanting to see what would happen. By limiting to only being able to grant one wish, you have to make a decision about who you're going to give that gift, and it gives that decision some weight.

The trade off is that to see all the content, you do end up having to play through the game multiple times, which isn't the best experience for the player (you end up going over the same content multiple times). I tried to offset that a bit by randomizing the order of the wishers so each playthrough would vary a bit, but it still ends up being repetitive. With the short overall duration of the game, and it being a jam game, I decided to accept that small downside because I thought giving the wishing decision more weight was worth the negative tradeoff.

Thanks so much for playing and providing feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! I agree that the gameplay is overly simple. I was struggling to come up with an idea for the game, and only landed on this idea on the Friday before the deadline. And then most of my time was consumed with generating the stories, characters, etc. I think the overly simple gameplay isn't too bad considering it's a jam game, but if I was going to build this out into something more, I agree with you that I would need to add more gameplay mechanics.

Thanks for playing!!!

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!

Well done. Lots of detail with everything you can interact with. I also like the context of the retired pilot looking back on his life and being haunted by his past. Great entry.

Awesome game! Super fun to play. It was frustrating difficult at first, but that makes it really satisfying when you eventually get through a level. Nice application of the theme and cool art. Having the animated abstract shapes made it really clear what you could interact with, but the game is so much more satisfying when you're tossing the cat, or the sleeping guy around instead of a shape.

This was super fun to play!

Feels like a visual novel with robust characters, story, and great art. The Sokoban element is a nice addition. Great work!

Cool game. I like the Tetris style trash compactor. Gives the game a twist. The music is great. and the graphics feel very Game Boy. Excellent entry!

I love the graphics in this game. Great use of minimal color and design. The music and sound effects are great too. To me, the ship has too much drag on it and slows down too quickly. It makes it easier to aim and take out the debris, but it makes it feel less like you're in the zero friction of space. The indicator that shows you there is debris in the way was a really good gameplay addition. Great work.

Cool lander game. Great work on the opening cinematics that really set up the scene.

Haha. This game is great! The art is fantastic. Such a weird collection of characters. And the music is weirdly haunting. It feels like a weird renaissance era mosh pit. Like if Dante had described the 5th circle of hell as a punk concert.

The gameplay was simple and felt a little random (or at least I never found a good sense of how to judge when to jump), but the fever dream like visuals and audio was so enrapturing that I didn't care if the gameplay was shallow. I just wanted to keep launching performers off the stage onto the crowd of manic characters running back and forth. A nice satisfying thud sound as you're dropped and hit the floor would have felt good. Great work!!!

Great game! I love how this uniquely expresses an experience. The rough art style and poetic structure make this feel really personal. Like a game lifted from the pages of someone's journal. I'm envious of how rough, and raw this feels, and I wish I could be as artistically expressive with my games. Amazing work!!!

Awesome game! I like the cartoony character designs that look like they're out of a kids book, combined with the punk message of the game. Depressing facts about poverty inequality and punk music is an iconic duo. I like the twist of playing as the stage. Great work!!!

Thanks! I wanted to add a system where you'd get points for flipping and doing tricks with the crowd surfer. Like Tony Hawk Pro Skater meets Guitar Hero with a crowd surfer. But I ran out of time to get it in for the jam version. I plan to continue working on this cause I really badly want to play a game where I can combos for flipping surfers! 

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Awesome game! Love art style and aesthetics. Simple but fun mechanic, and the dodging adds a nice additional level of complexity. Really great work!

Thanks for posting! Just re-uploaded and fixed.

This game is super fun. Manages to set a tone with very simple art. Great game mechanic. I would totally play way more of this, and I would love to watch people do crazy speed runs of a full game of this!

Nice clean art style. This would make a great mobile game.

Awesome. One of my favorites of the jam. Great job in all categories and fun to play. Keeping the dead bodies from previous runs in your path was a great idea and cranks up the tension if you mess up in the same place a couple of times. Nothing is as deflating as having to quit a level cause you can't get past a wall of your own frozen failure!

Very cool. Nice polish with visual heat effects. Feels like there's interesting opportunities for strategy in the gameplay.

Nice art style. I like the retro feel. Gameplay mechanics felt good.

I like the retro art style and the lighting. The player platform collisions felt a little awkward, and sticky when I jumped into them from the side or below. I like how at the beginning of every stage I can choose to run to just run to the left and off to my death! Haha!

Very cool artwork. The quest UI covers a lot of the screen. You could still get all that info across to the player with a smaller UI to show off more of your cool level art. Or maybe only show the quests when it's relevant (i.e. at the beginning of the stage and when you're picking up eggs)

Interesting application of theme.

Fun and challenging. Well balanced.

Nice interpretation of the theme. I like the calculator character art!

Haha. Great story.

Cool. Would make for a super fun mini-game in an open-world fps.

Great ambience. I like games where I can't just plow through enemies, and I'm forced to be evasive.

Widows version now fixed.

Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks for the notice. Looking into it

Tested out the Mac build (both regular and Hyper mode). Everything ran great!