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Brandon "LurkerRIP" Cooper

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Oh yeah, actually you want to climb on them. They are "Cracked Rock" and is easier to climb. You use less energy when climbing it, and if you wait in cracked rock, it burns no energy. 

Fun theme! Loved grabbing the Firefox icon.

Very unique game! Love the concept! Fun game!

Tough game! I love that it gets harder the farther you get from the center of map.

Super fun controls man! Would have loved more objective to the game.

Models, art and music are awesome! wanted more to play.

Wow! LOVED the pixelated look of everything. You NAILED your theme! Enjoyed it man, keep it up!

LOVED your use of the theme! Nailed it! Thanks for the fun game.

Very fun game! Intense moments!

Nailed the theme! Love the pixel art and the different items you throw at each other. Well done my friend!

I live in Colorado, the aesthetics made me wanna get out and hit the slopes! You needed to lock the mouse.

Love the use of theme!! Plus the ship controls are solid!

Very cool design! I really enjoyed it!

Wanted to love play more, but the jump was not registering for me all the times for some reason? Love the art! Keep it up!

This gave me Kirby vibes! Loved the art, did you make it? I would play with level layout, you could stand in certain spots and just spam space bar.

The sword play was really fun, the lack of a clear hit area for the player got frustrating. But after a few deaths you figure it out. 

Ran rough on my laptop. But interesting mechanics.

Wow, that was a really fun game speed and play with the shooting mechanic. Very well done!

Love the chaos the matches present! Nice Job!

Nice theme! Wanted more courses!

Nice job with all the 3d models!

Always a fan of asteroid style games. Nice Job!

Interesting theme! Wish there was more levels and the pencil was able to move faster! Nice Job!

Loved the music in this game! Game really reminded me of the FF7 mini game!

Super fun game! I really enjoyed this! I want to play more levels!

OMG! the ending!!

This game kicked my butt!

Had a hard time aiming. I'm sure I was doing something incorrect...

Interesting gameplay. Not played anything like that!

Wow, very well done! I very much enjoyed dying over and over! Keep up the good work!

Wow, very well done! I very much enjoyed dying over and over! Keep up the good work!

Love the art!

Art, super cool! Love the fast paced combat! One critique I would make, shift the camera towards the direction you are heading in, rather then the opposite. Good job!

Impressed with all the components you were able to get in! 

More fun rock paper scissors!

This reminded me of the the game Reign. Very interesting minimalist game play!

Very interesting Mechanics!

Did you do the art yourself? Very nice!

These graphics are super cool!