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I did the same thing, just designed for 16:9. Knowing people would have mostly would play on 1920x1080 screens, I locked the build to only play in Windowed mode at 1600x900. That way the UI should work fine for anyone who played.

Had more fun with this then I should have! Well done sir!

Oh man. sorry, I am playing on an ultrawide and there was UI cut off, so I didn't see it.

The Chaos bumper lived up to its name!

This was REALLY fun to play! VERY well done on the Art and Audio! Impressive submission!

Very well done animations! Controls are simple and work well!

Had a similar idea that we decided to take a different direction. Fun game! Would be nice if there was a "x2" speed button for making things move faster.

Loved this! very clever use of story telling!

Very nicely done! I could see some really interesting puzzles being possible from this!

Very Power Washer feeling! Well done!

Yeah, the AI scripts need some balancing for sure, there is a number of "numbers" that dictate probability for behavior. I wish we could have somehow represented that in the display for the units somehow. Thanks for playing!

I was confused in the combat, not sure when the attack was coming my way or the opponents. Very well illustrated and animated!

Yeah, I tried adjusting many different build settings and even tried building in I think 4 different versions of Unity with no luck... Thanks for the help tho!

Fun idea to play as a basic NPC! Score system works great for this to encourage repetitive NPC behavior. You character sprites where REALLY good!

With time, we where hoping to have more levels and things to do with power like casting spells. As for the power bar animation, we wanted to sync its animation time with the gain of power but ran out of time. Thanks for playing!

I just tried doing the change you suggested and it has a similar issue, but a different file now. Thanks for the suggestion!

Have always wanted to make a turn based game for a jam, you have inspired me to do that the next jam I do!

Very nice use of the theme! Clever puzzles too!

Wow, just wow! Really well done! Art is awesome!

Wow! this is REALLY good. Fave game of the Jam so far! Really well done! The art is really great!

Love the art and simplicity of the game! Scoring makes sense and a really fun add!

Simple idea, not sure how it fits the theme. But LOVED the art!

Hey! I like this idea, VERY similar to the one I did!

Cool idea!

Very well done! Extremely interesting twist to the game we all know and love!

Really well presented!

Very well done! Lots of levels in a short time too!

Really nice art. Love the music!

Game plays really smooth I had quite a few times where the target didn't exist.

Very Beautiful! Not sure how it relates to the theme, but well done!

"As someone who doesn't typically play video games, this was fun and easy to learn, hard to master!!  Gave my husband and I lot of laughs.  Great job!" - My wife

Thumbnail and Screenshots coming soon...

Thanks for making this available! I loved the video! I plan to let my kids play around with this.

Already have a build ready to upload after the jam is over with fixed animations, fixed the scoring, added a bit more juice, added SFX, fixed all the modes, added more doodads to the rooms, added more food tray spawn points, and lots of little bugs here and there. My artist wants me to add a split screen 2 player mode so he can play with his boy. We will see!

LOVE the art. Dissapointed it was over so quickly.

Time loop management is a super cool idea! Would be nice if it was a little more clear on the loop management. Thank for sharing! 

This could evolve into a really fun real time puzzle game for sure! Love the rock riff! Would play more!

Very nicely done! I really like the puzzle this one offers. Not having a grid on map I think, was a smart idea. Keeps the spacing a challange.