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Thank you! I'm hoping to be able to release a few more parts over the summer, there is definitely more to the story than has been revealed.

New community copies have been added.

Yes, there will be some more being added once the current bundle sale ends this weekend.

I'm not familiar with that so thanks for mentioning it, I shall have to look it up and give it a watch.

The easiest way is to email them and to ask them to add the tag - the address to use is

The main reason is to allow people to submit their zines themselves if they want them included. Unless I've missed an option somewhere I believe Collections can only be added to by the creator. I'd rather people be able to choose whether they opt in to this as opposed to it being my own personally curated list.

Most of the zinequest releases are also new creations so I think a jam is appropriate in that sense, it's just that they're KS first with itch second.

I'm afraid that this Jam is just for ZineQuest projects so if you're not running a KS for your game it wouldn't be applicable. I'd recommend keeping an eye out for upcoming jams, there tend to be a fair number that would suit one page RPGs.

The UK government recently changed the VAT rate for ebooks to 0% - are there any plans to apply this on the store to physical games where the download files are only PDFs? As a tabletop RPG publisher and consumer this would have a substantial impact on product prices for those of us located in the UK.

Just a quick note to add that the full trilogy is now available for purchase and thanks to the support of some early backers there are a number of community copies that are also available.

I've just released a free preview for an upcoming trilogy of missions titled The Synth Convergence for The Sprawl RPG. It includes the complete first mission and I'm working towards releasing the full datafile this November (2019).