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Yes, every sound created with this is in the public domain, as far as the CC0 license allows. You can do anything you want.

It still crashes the moment you look down.

There seems to be a minor bug with hovering over the score. The clickable area is too small. It doesn't highlight and let you click it to view your stats, unless you click the very right-hand side of it.

Found a bug where objects dropped on a conveyor will move in the wrong direction, rather than following the conveyor they were dropped on. 

The balls should land on the left conveyor and then move towards the left, but instead they follow the path in pink as if they were on the right conveyor.

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Try updating your graphics drivers. It seemed to help for another user also using AMD graphics.

If that doesn't help, or if you're not willing/able to update your drivers, this was posted on the Hypnospace Outlaw discord by a developer:

Pressing Alt causes the program to go into a state where it freezes for a few seconds after any mouse movement.

Could really use some faster/skippable text, but that was really good quality for what it was.

If you run it at certain resolutions, things like icons and the taskbar do not line up properly with the screen.

I dunno yet if it's reserved for something else, but something standard like pressing Escape would be a lot more intuitive.

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It does. I've been running the example project in GMS2 and imported my own dialogue trees without any problems.

That was an excellent response time! The issues do seem to be completely gone now. Thank you very much!

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A couple of bugs in 1.1:

  • If you delete a page that still has something linked to its input node, the program crashes, with the error being "FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Draw Event for object o_node_orange: Unable to find any instance for object index '100040' name '<undefined>' at gml_Object_o_node_orange_Draw_0"
  • After clicking the trash can icon to delete a page, when the confirmation dialog to delete opens, pressing No will still delete the page. The same thing happens with comments, but not the actions inside pages. (Selecting items and pressing the Delete key will open a prompt that works properly though.)
  • If a page has multiple answers linked to different routes and you delete an answer, the remaining answers below it will move up to fit, but their respective links will not. (So if you had a yes/no choice leading to separate dialogue routes, and you deleted the "yes", the "no" answer would now be linked to the "yes" route.)
  • I tried testing the first bug out by creating a list of 4 actions linked to 4 pages. I deleted action 2, which caused the link lines to connect to the wrong pages as before. Deleting the now "orphaned" page with a 4 in the body causes the same error as the first bug. The link to the test file is here, the section name is Blue: