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"Copy to Clipboard" doesn't work?

For Linux users: On distros with multiple clipboards, the problem seems to be that Godot isn't able to copy into the right clipboard from a web build. There's nothing I can do about this, sorry.

For Chrome users: Godot games seem to be unable to access the Clipboard API properly, so it gets blocked for security reasons. Trying to allow Clipboard access in Chrome will not work either.

video games

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I love the new note length feature! But it's really easy to accidentally draw a note a bit too far, forcing you to delete and re-draw it.

While I'm drawing a long note, it'd be nice if I could move the mouse cursor back and have the note shrink along with the cursor's position.

Edit: This has now been implemented and it rules, thank you!

Neat little game of tomato golf!

I have to fiddle a lot with the window resolution to beat certain levels though. Some can't be fully displayed, others don't let you shoot high enough because the mouse gets blocked by the bottom of the screen.

It seems playing windowed on a 16:9 aspect ratio is the only way to play.

Pretty cool idea for a game!

Sounds exciting! I did like the idea of having  a line tool though. Aside from its uses in visually connecting nodes, and firing off trigger signals, it makes it very easy to divide chunks of the planning board into their own little areas. Being able to draw lines wherever you want on the board is super versatile.

In the case of something like a literal graph, the ability for a single line to have multiple segments would be really useful. Or perhaps a dedicated Graph node that lets you easily organize information like this.

Punching the bells to buy upgrades feels oddly satisfying. 

The web version fails, but if you download the game instead of running it in browser, it runs.

I can't really tell what I'm supposed to be doing though. I put some tomatoes in the pot and slowly made soup.

Very cute!

This is really well done, especially for something that was made in only 48 hours!

Game still fails to launch, it seems to be looking for files under a hardcoded path for a user named jeeva.

That was a wild ride. Very well done!

I love that you can save your drawings onto 3D objects. Very cool!

Super fun game!

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I made a list of notes, connected by arrows, to help me visualize how to set up the entities in a project I'm working on. When making the list, I expected that the arrows would point at the notes next to them. Instead they point towards each other. (Screenshot)

I'm guessing there's some automated "neighboring item" detection that causes this, which happens to check up/down first. I assume this actually works fine in most cases. (Though maybe it shouldn't detect arrowheads? I don't know if anyone relies on that.)

To circumvent edge cases like this, it'd be nice if the Line tool also had an option to override the automatically set direction, and instead let the user specify which direction that all its arrowheads should point, regardless of whether they're next to something.

This could also help some users who need more control over graphs they make using the Line tool. (Example)

Yes, every sound created with this is in the public domain, as far as the CC0 license allows. You can do anything you want.

It still crashes the moment you look down.

There seems to be a minor bug with hovering over the score. The clickable area is too small. It doesn't highlight and let you click it to view your stats, unless you click the very right-hand side of it.

Found a bug where objects dropped on a conveyor will move in the wrong direction, rather than following the conveyor they were dropped on. 

The balls should land on the left conveyor and then move towards the left, but instead they follow the path in pink as if they were on the right conveyor.

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Try updating your graphics drivers. It seemed to help for another user also using AMD graphics.

If that doesn't help, or if you're not willing/able to update your drivers, this was posted on the Hypnospace Outlaw discord by a developer:

Pressing Alt causes the program to go into a state where it freezes for a few seconds after any mouse movement.

Could really use some faster/skippable text, but that was really good quality for what it was.

If you run it at certain resolutions, things like icons and the taskbar do not line up properly with the screen.

I dunno yet if it's reserved for something else, but something standard like pressing Escape would be a lot more intuitive.