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How do I get out of Sound Test screen?

A topic by Dragonax created Apr 21, 2017 Views: 123 Replies: 8
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I am stuck on the Sound Test screen. Every time the program loads, it loads this screen. How do I get back to the main screen? Thank you.

Once you load a game you can hit Ctrl + 1 to return to the edit mode. Let me know if that helps?

Yes, that worked. Thank you!

I was thinking of having some kind of message in future versions to make it clearer how to exit a game when you load one up in the Game Creator. Glad to hear that fixed your issue.

I dunno yet if it's reserved for something else, but something standard like pressing Escape would be a lot more intuitive.

I may add that in. Right now escape is reserved for exiting input fields in the UI. A few people have requested this. 

Hello, I pressed ctrl + 1 but it didn't worked :( I'm on mac laptop so I don't have numerical keypad. Are you aware of such issue ?

you could do this in the top row and just below of the F1 to F10 buttons of your keyboard since it's where it should be pressed. but i supposed there might be a problem related to that since someone already reported this somewhere in the forum...

i hope it does helped you :)

Yes I tried but didn't worked :( I will test this on PC.