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Kind of a dick move, devs.  Seriously.

I mean, I bought this when it was still available for Mac, and you almost immediately discontinued the Mac version.  Luckily, I have access to a PC as well, but this is just ridiculous.  It seriously feels like I'm being ripped off-- along with everyone else who paid you money for this already.

I fricken love you.  This is one of the best things I've played in a long time.  This is the part of the comment where I beg for a sequel.

Long live the memes.  Of the future.

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Fascinating concept.  The main thing I would want changed is the length of it.  It feels like there's such a limited amount of time for any sort of changes to occur that I can't possibly make all of them happen.

It is interesting how unsettling the world can get as you progress.  I can't tell what some of the things are, but they still weird me out some. 

I'd encourage you to concider adding a few more articles and world effects-- maybe traces of riots (smoke/flame/general destruction) or something.  All in all, it's a well done premise with a lot of room for expansion.  Well done.

I know it's not. I'm using it for gaming because it went screwy on me last year trying to do work and nearly cost me a lot of it. It works fine for the gaming I do-- better than it does with Photoshop, frequently. I actually have a PC for work-- it's much better and more reliable, hence being work and not gaming. I plan on getting another PC eventually, but I'm no where near the point of being able to do so right now.

I can understand the difficulty of cross-platform configuring. I just thought I'd throw in my two cents on the matter.

Yes, please do! I didn't see most of the bugs you listed in the most recent log on the Mac version. I occasionally get the shark swimming through foundations, but nothing game-breaking or too irritating. I don't have the ability to use windows for the game. I'm really disappointed at the thought of not getting to play this anymore. It's such a calming game, I'd hate to see access for the rest of us discontinued. I'm with xCaseyKill10. Please reconsider.

Yeah, weather would be great. I was just being obsessive and specifying the type of weather. ^^""

Ooh, you could also add a rare chance of a huge swordfish catching your fishing rod and dragging you some distance. That could also change up your location a bit, maybe giving you an alternate type of shark or something.

Yeah, I know. All I can come up with is rare occurrences. I just think the surprises would shake things up in a fun way.

This is a little nitpick, as I do love most of your ideas, but if the developers choose to go with the weather, based on the apparent location and presence of a shark, no snow. Rain storms are the only thing you would potentially run into (unless you wanted to be utterly cruel and literally end games via hurricane-- please don't.).

Maybe have a rare chance of getting bumped by a whale, knocking loose coconuts and damaging foundation. Have a rare occurrence happing after killing the second shark of an albatross swooping in and stealing fish/shark meat that doesn't have a floor above it.

Maybe add in the chance to get bumped by a whale on occasion, shaking free coconuts and damaging foundations. Have risk of an albatross (huge bird which can and does cross huge expanses of ocean without stop) swooping in and snatching any fish/shark meat cooking without a floor above it (later in the game, so it's not too difficult to get food early on-- maybe after killing the second shark). Occasional "special" items in barrels would be cool, too, even if they're just decorative-- break up the monotony of the place.

The shark does drop shark meat. You just have to stab it with your spear until it vanishes. I've usually gotten about 8 or so pieces of meat from one shark, if I remember correctly. Just cook it up and it gives you a LOT of food and a decent amount of water.

It would be interesting if you had some "rare item drops" from barrels-- things that didn't occur too frequently and could be used to create special items, like more powerful weapons or unique furniture-type stuff. Maybe make it like something from whatever shipwreck seemingly left you stranded out there. Other animals would be interesting, too, even if they were just for ambiance. My suggestion would be to have an albatross that flies overhead, maybe lands on your raft for a little bit.

Yes. I was thinking the exact same thing.