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Yes, please do! I didn't see most of the bugs you listed in the most recent log on the Mac version. I occasionally get the shark swimming through foundations, but nothing game-breaking or too irritating. I don't have the ability to use windows for the game. I'm really disappointed at the thought of not getting to play this anymore. It's such a calming game, I'd hate to see access for the rest of us discontinued. I'm with xCaseyKill10. Please reconsider.

I am not working with the dev in any way, but I am a professional computer whiz/pro gamer and Mac isn't a gaming computer and I suggest if you want to game on a computer I suggest getting a PC, because most games are designed for PC. The dev doesn't use mac so it is difficult to program the game for Mac. Sorry.

They had gotten Mac and Linux right with V1.04. Why is V1.05 different? (Also, Mac can be a moderate gaming computer- Mac's actually aren't that bad on games)

Oh, I didn't know. I don't personally use Mac but I have expirence with it. The thing is, the more they add, the harder it gets.

I know it's not. I'm using it for gaming because it went screwy on me last year trying to do work and nearly cost me a lot of it. It works fine for the gaming I do-- better than it does with Photoshop, frequently. I actually have a PC for work-- it's much better and more reliable, hence being work and not gaming. I plan on getting another PC eventually, but I'm no where near the point of being able to do so right now.

I can understand the difficulty of cross-platform configuring. I just thought I'd throw in my two cents on the matter.


I think they should hire someone that uses Mac to make updates for the Mac users.

The thing about game bugs is just because you have no issue, doesn't mean others aren't. I had not issues getting stuck in nets, yet some other people did have the issue. A issue that was game breaking for a lot of people. If you search these forums you will see various posts about bugs from Mac users or Linux users who can't even get the game to open, let alone play it.

If they keep releasing Mac and Linux versions but don't fix the bugs that will inevitably come up, those version will become unplayable after a while and riddled with bugs. It sucks, but when you have a tiny dev team that is doing this game on the side as a hobby (basically), you're asking too much for them to make it perfect for all platforms. Even bigger developers tend to focus on one platform at a time, then release others after the first one is relatively bug free. We're kinda lucky there's any more development happening on this game at all, right now, with the time constraints and real life obligations these people have.

Maybe in the future, they will bring back support for other OS's. In the meantime... there's always Wine...