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Maybe they thought you were serious. I didn't touch it!

Ah, that Thief. Yes, it looks good. A bit beyond my budget though. XD

What's thief? What do you like about it?

Hey everyone! I've just released Wizard Heist, a first-person action-adventure for PC. Steal as much treasure from the wizard as you can before he comes back!

The game features a variety of challenges that test the player's observation, reflexes, dexterity, and memory. Each game is played on a randomly generated level and lasts up to 20 minutes. Try to get the high score! Feedback is appreciated.

Hey, won it the first time! Cute little game!

Swords Mark the Spot

Hey, is there any way to reorder our projects? I'd like to change the order they're listed in for visitors to my profile.

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Leafo: Fair enough. I wouldn't mind having to weed out troll comments and the like on my own project, but I suppose that could be bad for the site as a whole (enabling cyberattacks or just giving the site a bad reputation)?

Daedalus: Thanks for the info. That's another thing I'll consider.

Thanks! I'll give it a shot.

Hi everyone!

As far as I know, there is no way for me to allow people to post anonymous comments on my project. I think it would be a helpful feature, since I'm trying to get feedback, and it's a lot to ask of people to create an account just to leave a comment. There's not much incentive to comment as it is, so I want to make it as easy as possible. Thoughts?

Never mind, I got them.

BGSjamXIII community · Created a new topic Diversifiers

Does anyone have the diversifiers for me to look at?

This is REALLY not a game:

Thank you!

Hello everyone! I've just published my game, Swords Mark the Spot! It's in beta and needs all the playtesting and feedback it can get!

Swords Mark the Spot is a turn-based strategy/rpg game where you're looking for a buried treasure. It's heavily inspired by the Heroes of Might and Magic series, but instead of commanding entire armies, the focus is on one party of characters and their adventures, much like an rpg. Swords Mark the Spot condenses the action of a 60+ hour rpg into short standalone adventures that can be completed in a few hours. Unlike many rpgs, though, you cannot train up your characters in safety and engage tougher enemies at your leisure--you've got a limited number of turns to find the treasure, and wandering monsters can hunt you down to fight on their terms...

Features include:

-Simple character progression. Gain a level, gain a skill point. Each skill costs one point. No mastery levels or ranks--you either have a skill or you don't.

-Almost 100 skills to choose from.

-No long skill trees. Most skills are similar in power and can be bought with 1 or 2 prerequisites--it's how you combine them that matters.

-No character classes--customize your party as you see fit.

-21 monsters to fight, most with unique special abilities

-Dozens of magic items, many of which interact with your skills

-Save your characters when you complete an adventure and play with them again in the next one

Planned features:

-Saving the game (yeah, this is important, but sadly not done yet)

-More visitable locations that provide powerups or challenges

-Improved AI

-Real artwork

-Exploration-specific spells

Let me know what you think. Happy hunting!