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I'd like to participate with my Duck themed arcade , thanks!

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Will be happy to participate with my Marvellous Duck adventure platformer:

This sounds like a very good idea!

Wow, this is awesome! The pixel art used is epic!

+1 we need more notifications in general :)

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Hey Itch,

The co-op bundles feature is one of the most awesome features of the Itch, but I believe it has an issue that makes co-op bundles creation a pain in some cases, specifically, it's the restriction that disallows the creator to modify participants once the bundle is created. There is a lot of scenarios where the bundle can end up in a locked state due to one participant being unresponsive (and in most cases there is no way to directly message or find a contact of a person on Itch), considering Itch explicitly states it'll not notify the participant this makes it trouble sometimes to start the bundle.

I observed two solutions people use to work-around this - they either re-create the bundle or first create a gam-jam to collect active members willing to participate and then follow up with a bundle creation.  These are clearly workarounds making the co-op bundle creation process challenging. If to add to this the fact that participants invited in a co-op bundle not being notified by Itch, it sometimes becomes a real pain.

My suggestions are:

1. Do notify people invited to participate in a co-op bundle

2. Allow to remove participants from a pending co-op bundle if they're being afk for too long

The idea of randomized sounds for shooting is quite nice!

This is a very cute nice tiny game, thank you!

This looks nice!

graphics are awesome!

Hey, thank you a lot for recording a letsplay video! That was a really nice try and well, you got your 10 coins and even some hats! I am glad you had a bit of fun :) 

An old-school themed challenging game about a surfing duck
I bet you'll have some fun moments while recoding your lets play on it :)

( thanks @queen-faith-89 for the first lets-play)

nice! good old stickman fights is a new upgraded visuals!

lovely game!

I love the graphics!

Hey there,

I am developing a short game about surfing duck, after some play-tests I had doubts if the game mechanics could be way too challenging in its current state. I wonder if anyone could be interested in helping me getting the truth. I'll be happy to receive any feedback including the things that bugs you the most, like the double-jump of the parkour-sliding mechanic (sic!)

( credits and thanks to @queen-faith-89 for recording a lets-play )

The game is available for free at

creepy as hell

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a challenging game about a surfing duck ;) will be happy to participate in the bundle

I think this is the officially the first successful completion of the game! Congratulations and thank you for playing the game! I hope you enjoyed it despite the annoying islands and shovels! :)

thank you! :)

Oh, thank you a lot for pinging me! I definitely did not see the email, accepted now!

Cool atmosphere!

Awesome lighting!

Nice art!


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Thank you! I am super glad you've enjoyed playing it and I am super happy to hear that you want to beat it to the final scene ( no one did it yet, as far as I know, except me, haha ), so I wish you luck on this and I promise the ending scene will not disappoint you :D


thank you! :D

Thank you a lot for your time and for a very detailed feedback! I am really excited to hear that you've enjoyed playing this ! I promise I'll add a way to exit the game and improve jumping mechanics  :)

I see, thanks for the feedback! will be improved! :)

Thank you! Yep, the proper controls reaction is my personal challenge for this game :) I bet the main issue you had with it is when the duck visually grounded and seems to be ready to jump, but it does not jump, right?


Hey, that's awesome set of HDRP shaders! Thank you! The only thing I am missing is the continuity for the Scanlines shader - I was looking for a CCTV effect and the Scanlines fits it well, though, it's lines are static and not moving.  Would be really cool to have the lines moving. Same is true for Glitch effect - it's static too