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Really awesome game! The aesthetics is what brings it all together and makes it very enjoyable

Thanks for the nice words! Glad I got to give you some nostalgia :)

Wow! This was awesome. The aesthetic and the music really helped built the atmosphere. Such simple gameplay and was really fun to experience.

Thanks for playing! Glad to hear you liked it

Couldn't get over 13! A sign maybe? hahaha. Was very fun for an endless runner, and the music helps with the stress.

Cool idea! Felt really eerie and was fun to play

What a cool premise. The art and the soundtrack are also top notch! 

Fun game! I like how it's not just the running and jumping, but having to control the breathing as well. Captures well the feeling of running from something.

This one is really fun but also really scary! I jumped a few times even without a sound cue. A really nice idea as well

Really fun! very addicting trying to beat your own high score. The sound effects are really nice

a fun and cute game! congrats on joining your first game jam!

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed

Thanks! Hope I can finish it soon too

thanks for the kind words! :)

This was really fun to play! Love how the detective just ragdolls haha

that's so cool that we got the same idea in different directions! I will say 328 is not a bad score!

This is so fun! I really love how you executed the concept and how fun it was to try again doing different things each run just to see what happens. Art is superb as well

such a fun idea with a really good execution. Definitely lots of potential to become a full game.

really enjoyed this one! having to have to manage all the machines with different needs feels very much like I'm doing it in real life haha.

nice idea! took me a while to understand how to disarm some of the traps, but that was part of the fun!

nom nom pizza will take over the world! Really nice idea, it's like Pacman but with a pizza eating people

I love the concept, and the different endings were very funny. 

a really good concept! I had a fun time playing it. A lot of potential for a full game here.

really enjoyed this! the concept is really nice and the art is gorgeous.

really cool idea! I love time loop games so I found this a fun puzzle to understand

thanks for playing! maybe for a full game I put some secret jump scares for the actual player? *evil cackle*

Really fun game! I enjoyed the concept a lot and found it really enjoyable to be the annoying application for once haha!

very addicting to play, had to force myself to stop playing. the art is really good as well

Thank you for the kind words! and yes, I ran out of time to make a tutorial and turn off the bilinear filter, but I'm glad you enjoyed what you did get to play!
If it helps the goal is to keep the player playing until the time runs out (hence the multiple time limits) and you also get points if the player had more fun while playing the game.

really awesome game! it's so fun to play and manage the different forges

Very cool idea! I love that the file report doesn't necessarily tell me what to do and I have to puzzle it out myself why it says that. Really fun game!

really awesome idea! and very fun to play

Very fun! surprisingly relaxing

Really fun! Art is so good

Would just like to say that this was a really fun experience! Didn't expect to get lost and immersed in the small open world, and the story was release nice! I also love the idea of procedurally generated overworld and dungeons.

very nice game! the dream logic works because of the toy-like mechanics. Clever and colorful!