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He actually did use a cheat, one that gives him infinite magic which he used to infinitely heal himself and thus become invincible. Not only is it clear in the video, but he also accepted this when he contacted us. The cheat was a bug that occurs when you killed yourself again and again (it is removed now) which is why he intentionally kills himself for about an hour at the start of the video, he also talks in the video in Russian that he is exploiting the cheat and that he is aware so yes, while he did beat the game, he did it knowingly through a glitch and accepts that means the run is void.

Hey Yonows,

Unfortunately I stopped giving out free keys a while ago. Great game play video, though!

Hi Vlad,

This bug has been fixed in the latest version!

Thanks for the report!

Thanks! A DevLog is something I will look into.

99Floors- the impossible rogue lite which no one in the world has managed to beat even after three months of attempts - has just undergone a MAJOR update! We are pleased to announce that version 2.0.0 is now out, which adds masses of new content to the game.


Official Website:


  • Dual wield any two weapons and switch between them
  • Equip shields which have a chance to completely block enemy melee attacks (not projectiles). Find them in chests or buy them in shops.
  • Damage counters are now displayed when attacking foes
  • 20 new weapons have been introduced (including guns and melee)
  • Shops now have a larger variety of items, including more weapons and shields
  • A wall is spawned at the end of each floor to stop players jumping off the end ledge thinking something is beyond the abyss (this new wall spawning was the culprit behind the above error, now fixed)
  • Find 6 different spell books allowing you to use magic attacks/spells. Your magic meter is displayed in green and replenished by collecting green vials in your run. Spell books are found in some chests.
  • Guns have been overhauled as before they were generally not as good as melee weapons. You can also now shoot upwards by shooting while looking up.
  • To keep the games intense difficulty and balance out all this new content which assists you (such as dual wielding, new weapons, spells, shields, and better working guns) it is only fair that new traps and hostilities were introduced. As such enemy turrets now spawn on walls, ceilings and floors. There are three different types of turrets: normal, rapid, and scatter. The names are pretty self explanatory as to the difference between each one. The turrets can be destroyed and exploded however. Also, look out for red drone mines. They will activate if you get too close, running towards you and exploding.

Block+1 is a special ability that increases your block chance. It is automatic, when you are hit there is a chance for a block to take place, although block+1 is a low chance. Finding a shield increases your chance.

I am currently giving out free keys to the official game to whoever does a letsplay. You can do a letsplay/youtube video of the demo version and I will give you a free key to the full game.

awesome !

Angry Donald is a horror game I made all the way back in 2013.

It's pretty bad since my programming skills back then were literally terrible. I'm really just uploading this because I stumbled across it on GameJolt and it hit me with nostalgia, I thought I would share it here.

You are Mickey mouse and you have to collect 6 documents in the factory for old washed up cartoons. But Donald Duck isn't intent on just letting you take them...


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This is a demo version of 99Floors, a retro dungeon crawler platformer.

99Floors is a retro style, dungeon crawler platformer with fast-paced, hardcore hack 'n' slash combat. This is a free demo available to everyone, mainly for purpose of collecting feedback and for those to try out the game. 

Official Website:

Download Demo:

Some Letsplays

Letsplay byBeautiful O.B

Letsplay provided by MrRayhonda

I am the developer of a game called 99Floors, a dungeon crawling platformer. I don't want to go into too much detail about the game here as we have an official ITCH thread here but to cut to the chase, I am looking for lets players who may be interested in doing a youtube video review/lets play of my game. If you are interested, let me know here or preferably contact me at my email address here and I will send you a free copy of the game so you can review it. 

Thanks for reason, and I have included two quick screenshots for good measure !

99FLOORS fast pace hack and slash dungeon crawler platformer.


Thats fine. Whenever your ready let me know at and I will send you a copy of the game so you can review it.

nope, not all 99floors

Hey Steve, I would love it if you could review my game. The game costs $2.99 but contact me I will give you a free copy if your interested. 

Studio Name: N/A - Developed by Luke Powell

Name Of Game: 99FLOORS

Quick Bio of Game:  Hardcore intense platformer dungeon crawler. Player chooses one of 18 unlockable characters and must hack and                                                        slash there way through 99 consecutive, randomly generated floors.

How long the Game was in development and if it's still in development, early access, or complete:  Game is complete and can be found here :

Why you became a game developer in the first place: Always wanted to be since I was a kid.

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99Floors is a hardcore retro-style platformer "hack-n-slash", "beat 'em up" style game. You choose and play as one of 18 unlockable characters each with different stats and abilities, and must fight your way through ninety nine monster and trap infested dungeon floors! However, it's not all bad, as you will collect tons of loot and items along the way, if you survive that is!

The 99 floors are broken down into ten different stages, each filled with their own monsters and traps. You will have to fight hoardes of different foes, ranging from small slimes to huge demons, all while avoiding traps such as hidden bombs, spikes and a whole host of other deadly hazards. 

Each floor is randomly generated depending on the current stage, so each play through will be completely different. Different traps, enemies, terrain and overall layout is spawned completely random every time you pass through a staircase to the next floor.  

You will find upgrades and new items along the way, unlock achievements, set new hiscores and other records, and unlock new characters all in your quest to beat the 99Floors. 

  • Ten Unique Stages (Spanning a total of 99 Floors in case you still haven't figured it out!)
  • 18 Unlockable characters
  • 58 Monsters/Enemies
  • 62 Different Weapons/Items
  • 32 Unlockable Achievements