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Great, difficult game! I love the retro ascetics! Superb work!

thank you! Yeah that would be helpful ^.^

What are the controls exactly for this game?

Great idea and execution!

this is awesome! moooo!


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Hello,for couple last weeks I've been developing a turn-based game with mechs - Monolith Wars ("Into the breach" was a huge inspiration for this one).

At the moment, it's just a single skirmish PVP battle, where you can test basic mechanics of the game:

Here's a short introduction/tutorial to introduce into base mechanics:

Future development plans (in that particular order):

- add destructible elements (e.g. buildings and bridges)

- add interactions with forests (can be set up on fire which will cause damage on every turn or subtract 1 AP - tbd)

- implement AI so players can battle with computer,

- skirmish mode, where player can form own team and battle against each other or AI,

- add more maps,

- level editor,

- music & sfx!

- single player campaign

Enjoy & please share your thoughts!

Fun Fact: game is being developed with HTML5/Javascript/CSS and Vue.js/Vite - no `<canvas>` elements used!

awesome game!

of course I would like to wishlist this game but after watching couple youtube videos I bet I'll never play it - good job!

cool game! love the gpx & sfx!

awesome game!

awesome game! reminds me "Into the Breach" :)

This is great! Such great source of inspiration! 🙌

Really cool game!

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Controls updated! Also made it a bit easier to beat (moving platforms are a bit closer to each other now)

Unfortunately, page scrolls on UP/DOWN arrow keys so you'll need to run the game in fullscreen mode

Will do! I hope it won't make page scroll all around when hitting them :>

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I'm not sure about the mouse solution as it makes this game... way easier and so much different than this version - I'll re-think the core mechanics and change maybe some rules (less frequent shoots from enemies, but maybe multiple ones? Not sure yet).

In the meantime I won't release the mouse version as I really don't like it :/

yeah it takes some time to get used to - thought that it will be the part of the challenge, but I'm considering to switch turret control to mouse (shooting as well) - will probably release it later this weekend ;)

It's live now! :D

thanks for the comment! I've already did a new version which will be released today with lots of changes - also regarding steering ;)

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If you're new into game development & its mechanics (like me) I totally recommend Construct 3 for baby steps. You can basically "click out" whole simple game (check my games if you want - I've made them in the past 2 weeks in free time - Construct is THAT simple (but at the same time, don't expect much from it as well))

Here's my 2nd game made in Construct 3 - OK, BROOMER:


Game description:


You're a cat.

On a broom.

That can flight.

Collect as many milk bottles as possible until Halloween monsters gets you!

Game mechanics:

You can go past left-right side of the screen and you'll appear on the other side.

You can't pass the ceiling.

If you fall, you'll take damage.

Each jump you take damage, but it can't kill you.

Milk bottles recharges your health.

Halloween pumpkins will constantly chase you.

It's live now! Game has been updated - enjoy! :)

haha already made a fix, but will release it alongside with "best score" feature that will be saved locally in the browser (I hope, as it's still buggy and I'm running out of ideas how to solve it :D )

I see many people complain about this - but that was made on purpose! :D Especially when you boink on the ball and green ball will show up behind it so it makes you more stressed to quickly get somewhere there :) But sure, I think I'll remove this "feature" :)

BOINK! is a minimal puzzle game where player needs to hit as many white balls as possible under given limit of clicks! 

There are couple rules that can help you increase the number of clicks during the game (listed on game launch)

Game link:

I've got motivated to make that game after watching Vimlark videos on youtube :) 

I hope you'll enjoy the game, and remember:


PS. Let me know what do you think about it - any suggestions to improve game mechanics or bug reports are more than welcome :)