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This was beautiful. Thank you.

Me encanta!!!!

Very cool.


This is really well made! Good job!

This was fun!

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This really caught my attention! The game is really simple and the objective basic, but the aesthethic was unique and the atmosphere, as well as the colors chossen, were great. It would be cool for me to see progress on this project :). Anyway, im a musician and if you are interested i could some music for it

Thanks! I use game maker because it's really simple, and you can do great stuff in it. For me it's the best 2D engine

Cool! In my profile there's some free music made by me, you can check it out and use it until your sound designer has something :) 


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Cool artwork! The daft punk music fits perfect haha

hahah it was cool, i like exploration games. The character animations were too fast, and o could climb mountains by just jumping into them haha. Anyways,  it was fun, keep doing games :)

I guess it is. In which lenguaje did you code it?

Thank you for sharing and good luck! btw if you are needing music contact me :)

hahah cool. Keep making games, you are in the right path

The game is cool, but the second part is painfully difficult. Also the music was great, although i didn't like that much that the music restarts every time you die. In general terms it was a good job :)

So cute!

I've just commented in your post! But i came here to give my feedback:

1- I didn't get if you can actually play and explore the map, or it is just a tool for creating continents (which is great enough).

2- I thought it would be more comfortable if you could move around the map clicking on it and moving the mouse, instead of scrolling with the bars.

Hi Yahzi! This tool is very interesting. It is really creative and nice. Maybe it will be useful for people's projects! 

I really liked them! Half of them look non-futuristic, but the other half is really cool (such as 8,9,15)

Thank you so much!

This looks cool. Im gonna check it out

They are beautiful :)

This is awesome!

Ooh definetly im gonna check it out!!

Really cool!

Thank you!!

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Thanks for playing! You have to shoot to the guys on the train with the gun. Btw if you can play up to chapter three i would thank you, in that chapter everything is explained. Thanks anyway :)

Us, from a cat's perspective

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So I've made a game about excessive cellhpone use and lack of interpersonal interactions, and the main reason to do this were:

1 - Because I always find myself thinking about how cellphones invade our daily life

2 - Because is something that i want to talk about with other people

So in order to satisfy my second point, I wanted to ask for your opinion. My idea with the game was making the questions (Aren't we using cellphones too much?) and generate some kind of discussion around the topic. It isn't that I think that cellphones are completly bad, but I really think that there's something about its constant use that is not so good. Anyways, Im reading you devs/players!

The game can be found here:

Really cool atmosphere!! Nice game

Cool puzzles and sound design!

Man!!! Thanks a lot! You really made my day hahah. Im really happy that you liked it :) 

I've just released my game called "Us", and, as the title says, its about cellphones and lack of interpersonal interaction. Its a pretty fun game, and i've made it in less than a month. Here is a trailer and the link to the game's page:

I really enjoyed it! The puzzles are smart and the design is great!

Man, im a musician i don't usually do this with others, but i gotta admit this is really nice, i really enjoyed listening to it. Thanks for sharing :)