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Thanks for the feedback and for playing! I agree about the music and will definitely put more variety into future music I make

Thank you for playing! Yes I agree about the fleet AI and am still thinking of ways to help the player in certain situations the fleet cannot

Thanks I think that could be cool as well!

Thank you and good idea!

Great game! Love the difficulty and randomness! Very creative yet simple idea as well! Well done :)

Cool game really like the style of it! I'm not sure that things are very "out of control" in it. If anything I have more control as I control two players at once. Still a cool concept though, nice job!

Very interesting and creative game! I wish I could move on my own rather than drift about randomly but I guess that is what makes the game "out of control" ?

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

Good feedback and thank you for playing!

Haha I never thought about it like that! Thanks for playing!

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Hahaha yeah that red ball can ruin your dreams! Thank you for playing and good suggestion!

Thanks for playing! I agree the music is repetitive, maybe if I had more time I could've spiced it up a little (and maybe I like making synthwave sounding music too much), but I appreciate the feedback!

I'm glad you enjoyed it thanks for playing!

Thank you!

Well polished and quite addicting! Good job!

Fun game very challenging and has a nice art style!

Love the art and music. A little short but overall well done!

Cool game super creative and love the style! 

Cool idea! Really like the art style and music as well!

Nice game and a pretty creative idea

Cool concept and really nice gameplay

Cool game and really nice music

Thank you really appreciate it!

Thank you so much!

Hahah thanks for the feedback! sorry it took so long for me to reply :S

Weird that you and someone else have encountered that bug but I have not even after looking into it. I'm sorry it's happening and I hope it didn't take away too much from the rest of the game.

It wasn't that your not solving a puzzle but rather a puzzle game without connecting one together. The end result in each level was intended to be a puzzle that was scrambled back up.

There is a help button at the menu to teach you how to play. If there are pieces side-by-side and you run out off moves, game over. If the squares haven't covered all the green outlines and you run out of moves, game over. I can get how it seems confusing. If you're getting a loss when there should be no reason for one I apologize, I did encounter that during bug testing but thought I fixed it.

Oh I'm sorry to hear that! I never encountered that issue whilst bug-testing but I hope it didn't take away from what else was there :/

The concept is a lot like the GMTK 2017 topic for the jam last year. I can understand that the dual purpose design in this game wasn't intentional it just seems like a game this could've been submitted in last year's gamejam as well. Either way it's a well-made game with a good amount of effort put into it! Good job!

If by soft locked you mean you couldn't select any other levels, that is because when you get "Game Over" you have to start back at level 1. I understand if that seems confusing. Thanks for playing I will remember that if I decide to develop this further!

The gameplay has trouble remaining interesting and movement can be slow, but I guess zero gravity is to blame for that! A good start to a game though and I like the concept!

Kinda confusing to get the hang of but I like the concept! Wish it were fleshed out more but what is there is a good start!

Well-made, with a sad farm feel and nice art!

Nice art style and music with gameplay that is a little hard to get the hang of!

Surprisingly polished with the right amount of challenge! A game I could see going viral on the app store! Well done!