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Indeed, it worked for me too, thank you!

I had the same problem as above, and i am the user in the discord chat.

I only found this because i was searching for the gamer chair post on select button, i didn't khow if would be wise to post on a old topic, so i comenting here.

 and i liked, i just forgot to check there was a music button below to play it

i liked to grow and do spins around the terrain.

It was really cute

i like being a modernist nano pirate

That was spooky, great job

love this kind of stuff, just going to a abandoned place, seeing glimpses of what was happening before, but bot thing i didn't expected it was nice and sad

so what i trying to ask, is that i preffer to browse games on firefox, and if i want to dowload, i normaly preffer to search on the program on my pc and install there.

but, is there anyway i can click on dowload or the game, and will ask to open the link in the program to install there?
Sorry if it is a commom question i coudl't manage to put into words what exactly i would call that, i remember Steam doing that on the web but damm Steam and all.

I finished, and i jumped a lot, somehow thinking it would allow me to , the jokes are really nice to make it keep going, mostly because i am scared of games like this.
Thanks for making it.

The cars are saved for being full of Pears, good!

That was a pretty chill experience. 

i am just worried that Dandelion hit the car multiple times into the side of the pear crate, the pears are safe, but i hope Dandelion don't need to give explanations to their sister about pears in the engine or something.