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What a coicidence on the update! i was planning to play it again today, because i might have understrand why i cried in the end, but i needed to confirm it by replaying.

Really liked what i played, i do like how each encounter i needed to make sure to think about the fight and if i should advance more exploring never i thought "i should just go attacking on this one"(only when i khew i would survive and it was a returning trip

I think the Talon was the most scary enemy, always a priority, stun and execute on that flying thingie was what i did most, and my heart always sunk when the stun didn't worked, that thing was fast and hitted hard, i think i died four or five times to a encounter with them.

I do not like much of the idea of "look at this bug " but  this one I got one that the footsteps of a roaming fiend while the party was going to fight a static one

It creeped me out in a good way, it did remind me there was something following me still, it was cool!

I hope everything goes well on the dev!

I don't even know what my comment is, the words hurt eyes, I will not be a coward and write on notepad before posting here though.

But the game I finished all good, I suffered a lot on one of the rotating big skulls with the Dracula sections, I went all underground, i think I did it.

Holy heck, it is like my words becomes mush every time I stopped seeing them!

AHHHH!! thank you, i was waiting to play the demo for a while!

It worked with my Flighstick Logitech Profile Extreme 3D i just had to simply put a lot of keys on it and put the mouse on my left hand to move my head, but it worked out

if anyone wants my profile... i have no idea how to do that in, but it made my experience more enjoyable and sublime.

Love to munch!

Hi Briar!

Just used this on WMD with the wad Doom The Way ID Did  with a music pack related to that and this pk3 and worked very well, thank you!

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ok i think i discovered what happened and i didn't khew about it.

So i found in another corner of a map a enemy called "lost Hunter, and when i got near them, i don't khow if i pressed the lock on to try to talk or was automaticlly, i got my echoes back!

so it was not the same enemy, it was literally another hunter who saw my stuff and got it!

Thanks Eyesocket and... Vriska for helping me out  (the last one for not thorwing me over a cliff i guess)

I didn't tested in other areas, but in the first version i played and died to the first hunter enemies and i could recover my echoes. 
i am testing now in other areas and is the same thing if i died i lose my echoes in past areas too.

So i managed to do the video

for what i could see (i tried recording a video on Geforce shadowplay but it was just black), i made myself die to the first enemy after the second save point, the puddle dissapears before going back to the game,  then i returned there there was nothing, killed that first enemy that killed me, and keep going forward, and i still could not recover.
i will try to get a video with obs to explain better, i didn't see anybody having this problem, and i think i am not understranding something.

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SOLVED: I just had to search harder and find a specific enemy.

So, maybe i am missing soemthing because i never played the other Bloodborne, so my mistake if i missed a mechanic i didn't khow at this time

But blood echoes puddles began to dissapear after this patch.

i rememer seeing some dying by that first werewolf, but after the second save place with the townpeople with axes, the puddle appears when i die and then dissapears after some time on the death screen.

When i go back to the place the puddle is not there and killing enemies don't give them back.

is kind of a long shot, but i remember something similiar (don't remember if it was cpu or ram) that when i played they bleed pixels though the launcher, it would cause that.
But this was fixed some time ago so i am probably wrong

ohh nice, feels more easy to recomend to more people i khow don't understrand english so well, thanks!

Indeed, it worked for me too, thank you!

I had the same problem as above, and i am the user in the discord chat.

I only found this because i was searching for the gamer chair post on select button, i didn't khow if would be wise to post on a old topic, so i comenting here.

 and i liked, i just forgot to check there was a music button below to play it

It was really cute

i like being a modernist nano pirate

That was spooky, great job

love this kind of stuff, just going to a abandoned place, seeing glimpses of what was happening before, but bot thing i didn't expected it was nice and sad

so what i trying to ask, is that i preffer to browse games on firefox, and if i want to dowload, i normaly preffer to search on the program on my pc and install there.

but, is there anyway i can click on dowload or the game, and will ask to open the link in the program to install there?
Sorry if it is a commom question i coudl't manage to put into words what exactly i would call that, i remember Steam doing that on the web but damm Steam and all.

The cars are saved for being full of Pears, good!

That was a pretty chill experience. 

i am just worried that Dandelion hit the car multiple times into the side of the pear crate, the pears are safe, but i hope Dandelion don't need to give explanations to their sister about pears in the engine or something.