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I'll improve on my next jam! Thank you for playing!

Thanks Man!

its not only you, a lot of em' said that :)

Thanks man! I will definitely add this feature in my upcoming jams

I actually have a post jam version which addresses this issue, because I just couldn't stand people telling me that the game is fun, but it is frustrating because of random movement. Note: Do NOT rate the game according to how the game was in Post-jam update. That can get my entry disqualified. If you want you can check it from my profile

HITMAN Magnet Edition LOL! Thank You fam!

Thank You!

Thank You for your feedback!

After finding out that this is a co-op game, this game was a fun one to play with my friend. But still playing on 1 keyboard was a very uncomfortable experience, yet a fun one!

oh its local co-op pvp!! I was like, where is the opponent ship? lmao!

Thanks Man!

Thanks for the constructive feedback! Will improve in upcoming jams!

Thanks Man!

Thank You!

Thanks for the constructive feedback! Also, thanks for playing the game!

The game's art style is sooooo goood!

Thanks Mate!

Decent game! Has Potential

It is really polished and fun game to play

Nice One! Good Job Mate!

Very Good game! Had a blast playing it!

Very Nice game! But one thing I wanna say is that movement feels weird for some reason. Solid game has potential!

The game looks really good! A very good game!

I didn't have much time to do it because I started working on the project 1 day after the game started, I've planned for a post jam update which will show where the enemy will go. Thanks for playing the game!

Thanks Mate!

Thank You!

Thank You!

Thank You Man! There is a technique to solve Lv.8 explained in the comment above

What am I supposed to do?

is the webGL working?

Will make it better in the post Jam Update where I am planning to make a indicator on where the people go, so you can make your moves according to that which should fix that feeling that you won because of luck. Also, Thank You fam! 

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That must've been a bug LOL. Anyway thanks for playing!

Thanks Man!

thanks :)

thank you man!

that is just unexpected...are you...lying? LOL I just put random blocks in beepbox and it sounded like a beat and that's why it is in the game LOL

The movement of the rock is dependent on how close it is to the magnet. Just like a real magnet, if you are far it will be very slow and the closer it gets the faster it'll move towards the magnet. Annnnnnd, the movement of the people is just set points where they go and it is being randomly chosen where they'll head. This is a very much required comment and I am going to make something in post jam update that lets you know where the people are heading towards making it more predictable! Thanks for Playing!

It says in the Game Over screen didn't it? Or is it bugging? But it should be saying why you failed. Anyways thanks for playin ma game!