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Thanks so much! It's my partner's first game, and I think the journal prompts really center the experience. The goal is sort of "experiential fiction." Do let us know any other thoughts, and THANK YOU!

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Oh yeesh. Wrote a whole reply and then mistakenly moved off tab (arg!). I'm SO glad you dig this funky little system, and you've gotten ME thinking about putting some stuff together - and the possibility of a jam (even posted on Twitter to see if there was any interest!).

In any case, here's the short intro to each setting (there's lots more to both, but here you go!):

Punk Pantheons:

People think of gods, now, as stories - something ancient peoples revered that don’t have much to do with everyday life in the modern world. They couldn’t be more wrong.

The gods walk among us, unseen, bending our world to their will. They are born human, but come into their power, and their whims and wants can spread peace and goodwill … or submerge the globe in chaos. The old gods have gone sour - deities like Courage and Hope have fallen, and Fear, Rage, Greed, and the twins, Despair and Desire - rule cruelly, fomenting war. They seek to recruit young gods to their cause - those too new to their powers to pose a threat - before they can upset the balance.

But it never pays to underestimate the power of a bunch of punks.

In Punk Pantheons, players take on the role of teenaged kids who’ve just discovered their powers, and must travel through the Ideal realms to search for the reborn gods who can rebalance the energies of the world and fight back against the tyranny of the elder gods.

Mecha Magi:

No-one knows the origins of the mysterious artifacts known as ARCs - Arcane Reactor Cores. The secrets of their use are carefully guarded - only the chosen few ever bond with an ARC to become Mecha Magi. Those who do have nearly unlimited power to create, absorb, and alter energy and matter.

Gearhaven is the last known planet with life upon it - the wreckage of ancient wars that decimated the stars litters space, a warning against the foolishness of war amongst Magi. And to keep the peace, the rulers of Gearhaven - the Council of Demons - rule with an iron fist. They generate the power and resources that support the city, making dissent impossible.

But once a year, at the Choosing, even the poorest of Gearhaven may seek to bond with an ARC and join one of the noble houses of the Council. They may compete to be recognized - or try to create a new house of their own.

In Mecha Magi, players take on the role of desperate demons seeking to bond with ARCs to rebalance the oppressed world of Gearhaven (I’ve also run this one as a school for ARC-wielders, a world in which Mecha Magi are only allowed to play in a sort of hyper-sport as intergalactic darlings, and one in which they’re knights-errant, traveling to far-flung planets with their immense powers to solve the worst problems of lost peoples). 

Oh my gosh you have NO idea how much that means to hear! I LOVE this little gem, and totally imagine big ol' supplements with HUGE lists of goofy powers. Mostly I use it for my Mecha Magi game (people pilot ARCs - Arcane Reactor Cores - that allow them to generate, alter, and absorb energy and matter!) or my Punk Pantheon game (god powers in the modern world), but I've never written those up for public consumption. I've been noodling on the idea of an XD6 SRD Jam, so your encouragement means the world! What do you think - should I go ahead?

In any case, THANK YOU! Comments mean the world and it's the BEST to hear about people being INTO your work!

Sorry for the confusion!  I need to include an explanation - it's a quick shorthand for "Reaction" and "Actions."  The first number is when the foe acts within the initiative order; the second is how many actions it can take (2 for a Move/Attack, double Attack, etc.).

Let me know if this helps clarify?  And would LOVE to keep hearing your thoughts or questions

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An ETHNOGRAPHY game?!  AMAZING!  I'll show this to my partner - she got an anthro degree and this would be straight up her alley!

Oh my - SUCH a needful thing.  I imagine, with CAREFUL implementation, that this would be PERFECT for a lot of high-school classes, too.  It's a serious skill deficit area for most humans!

This looks amazing!  Encouraging fast writing is such a great approach, and I love any GM-less system for the classroom.  Thank you!

Amazing!  This is a lovely and fascinating approach to a commonly taught subject.  VERY cool - thanks for submitting!

Cheers!  I'm actually debating extending the "jam" - it's really just a way to keep accumulating games and approaches for educators to use, so if I keep extending the deadline, I suppose it serves as a "living library" of sorts (plus, we don't lose anyone that way!).  We're still up on discord, still happy to chat, and trying to arrange some more meetups - feel free to reach out!

ArithMagine is a one-page TTRPG for the #1pRPGJam that helps people of all ages tell dramatic stories - and build numeracy at the same time!  With just a deck of cards and a few friends, you can go on endless adventures while you master arithmetic and build algebraic awareness.

By teacher and educational RPG designer Michael Low of, ArithMagine is designed to work with the modular learning tools of StoriesRPG, all of which are one page, modular, system-agnostic tools for using role-playing games as learning tools.  These include tools for teaching how to set up a great Scene, creating edge-of-your-seat (but non-violent!) climactic encounters with Drama Clocks, Teller Moves to help GMs enhance collaborative storytelling, and how to tie literacy to advancement with Power Ups.

Awesome!  Would LOVE to talk about your approach - Steph, of, has been developing a younger age approach, too, with her StoryGuider series.  Holler if you'd like to ask anything, get some support in implementing stuff, or just want to chat!

Clear, flavorful, fun! A board game with RP elements that hits all your farming buttons - but without the mindless button-mashing of your favorite screen-based game. The mechanics male play strategic but easy to grasp - really beautifully designed!

I'll send you one if you like!

Clever system based on Belonging Outside Belonging mechanics that PERFECTLY represents the zaniness of the Scooby Doo cartoons!  If you are looking for a zero prep story game with the fun feel of Saturday morning cartoons from the 80s and 90s, give this a whirl!

Eeek!  Had a sale going for it and forgot - reset to free (donate as you like!).


I'm reminded of 80s childhood - the Last Starfighter, Star Wars (the OG trilogy!), and heck, Buck Rogers. This is such a beautifully laid out and thoughtfully put together game (THE SOUNDTRACK?!), and the approach to tactical combat and interactive RP (over comms and during R&R) is genius.  Tight design, and lovely from start to finish.


Wow.  Such a crisp, Borgy production - a beautiful layout and a ridiculous (and hilarious!) pitch. Lovely little one-page perfection!

Wow.  Such a crisp, Borgy production - a beautiful layout and a ridiculous (and hilarious!) pitch. Lovely little one-page perfection!

Wow.  Such a crisp, Borgy production - a beautiful layout and a ridiculous (and hilarious!) pitch. Lovely little one-page perfection!

THANK YOU! I'm SO hoping I can fund a larger update, including card-based specials.  The Stunts write themselves: Bows have the Ready tag (take one action to load), the Item tag, and the Ammo tag; if you're Hulking, you can swap Get Physical for Influence to scare people in Adventure phase; if you have Massive Fists, you can use Get Physical for Attack if you aren't wielding a weapon  once per battle.

It's really a love letter to my younger self - the mini game I wish I could've played. I would love to have the graphics fully pixellated, too - should look for some great pixel artists out there!

Oh my gosh THANK YOU!  This 100% MADE my day.  I have just been fantasizing about the super-quick card version of this, where your character has flippable cards: Adventure stats on one side (all the dice, so you can place a token on and move it as you go down) and Action on the other.  Tricks would go on cards, too, so laying things out would be simple!

Was JUST imagining a big boss special ability - "Guard" - where if the attacker rolled under 5, the "guard" parts of the boss (the crab's claws, the giant's shield or armor) would take the damage intended for another part.  Hoping I get the excuse to develop more!


THANK YOU!  I love the bosses - have SO many more I'd like to stat out!  I have superheroic ones (juggernaut left arm, right arm, core torso!), scifi ones (tentacles x4, core brain), and fantasy ones (claws x2, bite, core werewolf torso).  SO MANY Items and Stunts I'd like to try!  Fantasy with Sneak (+1 to Get Physical to sneak in Adventure; Backstab - roll 1d10 Attack when adjacent and target has an ally directly opposite), scifi with Mecha (Gravity Beam - Attack to Pull 1d6 spaces) ...

... really, REALLY want to find funding and energy to put this into a serious form.

Did I mention Character Cards with Action and Adventure on opposite sides, then Stunts, Items, etc. as extra cards?

THANK YOU for your support!  If you dig this, would LOVE to see it gain traction!

Absolutely see it.  He's on my top 5 favorite authors of all time list, alongside Italo Calvino, Walter Moers, Terry Pratchett, and Abe Kobo.

LOVE this!

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Uqbar as one of the environments as a reference to Borges?  Consider my "cool" button PUSHED!

So cool, so quick, so thematic.  Lovely layout.

Easy, fast, furious, tactical. 

Tastes like Metroid, plays like FF Tactics at 350 RPM. 

Mini battles for people with less time who want more fun. 


And as far as players, 2-6?

It's a "standard TTRPG," so figure a couple of hours - making characters can be as easy as determining the number of dice and jumping in! The story and setting are up to you, but the mechanics are designed to support folx tweaking the system to suit their needs and accommodate any giant, epic, zany sort of storyline. 

It offers a set of "generic" Moves (Get Physical, Influence, Figure It Out, FX, and Fix It) and a set of special abilities to customize characters, but it's open to creativity (Mad Max vibes? Do Drive, Brawl, Shoot, Tough It Out, Navigate, and Ancient Lore! Dragonball? Go for Energy Manipulation, Transformation, Super Speed, Power Up ... whatever works!).

Happy to say more  -  I have updates and a setting I'd love to post, so feel free to holler if you're into it and have any questions (I'd love the excuse to chat about and work on it further!).  Thanks so much for the interest!

So kind of you!  I'm a big fan of drive, downfall, bonds, skills, deeds, items, traits, and quirks as ways to build out a concept - they're quick and intuitive, and they let you verbally "sketch" a character without too much work (especially with the visual inspo of the minifig, yep!)

Cheers!  Please let us know what you think - my partner is excited for feedback, as this is her first game!

Oh that's a brilliant idea - I'll run it by my partner!

Thanks so much!  I use SlidesGo templates, and this is a boiled-down and simplified version of the approach I use in my online classes.  I generally include TONS of art in every deck, but as I don't own the rights, it's essentially like a collage, and can't be distributed without obtaining rights (which I don't have the means to manage).

The most exciting part of this, for me, is that it encourages writing and can be incorporated into any game.  Hope you get a chance to play, and please check out for my most developed game. 

Thanks for joining the jam, and excited to be in touch!

Bundles are something I haven't explored, but I'm VERY much open to!  What does everyone think?

Another thought: I might ask everyone for a "cover page" (I'd upload a template) for their games.  Just a quick list of Age, Players, Playtime, Subject/Skill, and Setup.  Something to make it easy for people to quickly scan for what they need and find it.


Hi all!  I know we all have different approaches, and someone on the Discord server (hi Jeremy!) asked about mine.  I put together a thread on it, then thought I might post it here in case anyone else was interested.

I'm also happy to run a quick intro to my approach and live Discord discussion this week or next, if anyone's interested?  I'm PST, and would have to meet on M/T/W, but if a few folx post they're into it, I'll happily put a date and time together!

So, on my approach, here's a quick summary of what I run for kids (but don't sell):

My approach is tying character advancement and story moments to game.  

  • Kids write between sessions, and we begin each with read alouds.  Amount written determines how many "story points" are earned; these can be spent for re-rolls, to gain Tags and Special abilities (I can nerd about this, but there it is), or to add dice to your pool (different system).
  • There is no penalty for not writing - just no reward.  People can share story points, so the kid who writes a lot can save the kid who didn't, and create social incentive to invest next time.
  • The other key is that read-alouds are ALWAYS celebratory, and done with voices, questions, and excitement.  I'll offer "bonus" point challenges for kids who need work on one skill or another - dialogue, paragraph breaks, comma use, reading aloud, descriptive prose, narrative vs. explication, etc.  
  • All this happens on a shared google slides doc, so kids can see everything and riff off one another's stories.  One principle I work off of is kids work for peer recognition - tie a skill to cheering peers and they'll hustle on it!  This is amplified when their stories become woven into the events of the game.
  • My feedback is qualitative, based on their portfolios after 5~6 classes (4~5 stories), and focused on glows and grows.  Parents appreciate the detailed response.

I've written a fair amount on my approach on my blog.  You can read a bit here:

If anybody wants me to go into dice mechanics, agreement questions, safety tools, online character keepers, online die rolling, or what-have-you, holler!

TTRPGs TEACH Jam! community · Created a new topic Welcome!

Hi all!  Feel free to chat here or on the Discord!  Remember, ANY game you've EVER made that you can post is welcome and wanted - the goal is a living library for learners.


Lovely way to incorporate a deeply emotional dive and an elegant mathematical practice component - genius.

What's the event?  VERY excited to hear more, and would love to help!

Hooray! Let me know your thoughts if you get a chance - and thank you.

Let me send you a copy if you're having trouble, as a gift.  Apologies!  Let me know an e-mail?

Not at all, and WEIRD.  Should be able to!  Let me check on it!  It may have to do with the low price.